HL reel Guys.. worth a look.

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2/4/07 4:13:58PM
Here is my Mad KO's vid.
[v=_gt6Jc_sSmA&mode=user&search=[/L] Mad KO's
and below is my Andrei Arlovski HL reel

Hope you guys enjoy.

By the way i am almost finished a GSP Highlight reel and a Slam reel.
after those 2 are finished i see 2 HLs coming up. One will be of Canadians int he UFC( maybe just MMA) and one of KOing head kicks.

Enjoy my work and try not to flame. (construtive critiscism is welcomed)

2/4/07 4:16:57PM
2/4/07 4:29:59PM

Posted by madmarck


Would be cool if you could put them in a direct link. Use the insert link feature on the right.

the 1st one:
The footage that you took from sherdogs highlights was very poor quality. Overall it wasn't a very flashy, technically sound HL but showed some classic footage that you can't get tired of seeing.
A little newer footage and a bit more rare footage is always appreciated though.

While all this critique may come down as a little harsh, I would never be able to make a HL like that. I'd never be able to make a HL at all actually.
2/4/07 4:34:40PM
I inserted the links just for you. and yeah the sherdog videos are high quality.
The hardest part about making HL reels is finding the footage. I got a few sources now so i have ample Videos its just that some still suck.
2/4/07 6:33:09PM
Well good luck with future HLs and if there some footage you don't have, send me a PM. I don't keep that much but the rare footage I usually save.
2/4/07 8:43:36PM
Nice job. Not the best I've seen, but far from bad. Keep at it. Just to be helpful not harsh, work on timing with the music a little more. If you watch other hl's to get ideas Boondock is really good. And you can see the progression in his vids from his 1st (which was decent) to Furious Angels (owgp final four based) which is as good as any professionally done hl. The key is practice. This wasn't bad, but eventually you'll look at this and say "wow, that's nothing like what I can do now".
2/4/07 9:22:22PM
yeah thats what i am trying to do right now. Wathc other peoples HL's and see what is good and not. My slam HL will be awesome but i am working my GSP one over cuz i want it to be just has good.
2/5/07 9:19:49PM
Do you post these anywhere else? Google Video? Myspace? If so, put up the links so ppl can share them w/ other forums.
2/5/07 9:40:28PM

Posted by JimiMak

Do you post these anywhere else? Google Video? Myspace? If so, put up the links so ppl can share them w/ other forums.

Sorry dude youtube is the only thing i use.
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