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5/9/08 1:01:21PM
has anybody heard any reviews on the movie or anthing on the movie. it was released to the theartes last week in california and new york. or has anybody seen it? i was just wondering if it was worth seeing.
5/9/08 1:26:51PM
I was listening to the radio this morning and the DJ's were saying how it was getting good reviews. Take that for what it's worth.
5/9/08 1:32:04PM
It's supposed to go nationwide today. If I can find a theater around here that's showing it in a few weeks I'm thinking about trying to see it.
5/9/08 6:48:43PM
yea even with it going nation wide it's still only in selcet theaters. but iheard from most people that it's good.
5/9/08 7:13:22PM
Ign is calling it a letdown pretty much. They also say the action isn't shot with any flare, which to me translates, they are realistic and not the three feet away Rocky jabs.
5/10/08 9:31:19PM
i had the opportunity to see this movie today, me and my friend were the only ones there for it. overall its a pretty good movie but don't go expecting to see a fight movie . the majority of the movie is about bad things that happen to the main character. there are only 5 short fight scenes in this movie. but overall it was decent and a must see for any mma fan.
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