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POLL: Favorite Drink
Mountain Dew 19% (5)
Red Bull 26% (7)
Coffee 19% (5)
Moster 11% (3)
Rock Star 19% (5)
Other 7% (2)
8/19/08 12:07:27AM
Ok, so I am a bit of a caffiene addict but I don't like most energy drinks cause of their taste. I drink a lot of Mountain Dew and really havn;t found anything better.

Lately though, my friend came home from a trip to the Philipines and gave me two small bottles of "Red Bull Supreme." Unlike the cans of Red Bull here, this really tasted good and I am hoping I could get more of it.

I looked on the internet but I can't seem to find any proof the drink even exists. I really hope one of you guys could help me out and props to anyone who can find me a way to buy it or at least give me a link to a site providing any information of it.

Here is a pic of it too, seriously, I think it might be fake and some guys in the philipines are putting crack in bottles cause this stuff is amazing.


8/19/08 12:12:26AM
Had to resize the pic
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8/19/08 12:50:23AM
I don't drink energy drinks, I'm wayyy to much of a health nut.

One way to get alot of energy that lasts forever is eat a large bowl of assorted fruit then have one or two hard boiled eggs.
8/19/08 1:11:59AM
try this??

this site says it sells/distributes Red Bull, and it has some in wierd bottles...but dont know if its the supreme or not...
8/19/08 1:50:02AM
Full Throttle is awesome, along with Redbull. Rock star and Monster are alright.
8/19/08 9:27:42AM
I stick with Red Bull for the most part. Ive never found anything that i like as much but ive only tried a few.

Recently ive been drinking Espresso drinks though and those will get you a huge caffeine buzz if you order the right stuff. Try ordering a Red Eye at a coffee shop and see what that does for you.
8/19/08 9:46:23AM
I like Monster or Hogan most.

but I drink pretty much any kind....but am trying to cut back a bit...
8/19/08 11:06:45AM
I am a health nut that believes in caffeine....

I drink Sugar Free RockStar (whitecan) because it has no HFC.... 20 calories per can, Also you can buy it at costco by the case and it comes out to .75cents a can witch is quite a deal
8/19/08 12:11:01PM
what i liked a lot that most people didnt was coke blak, which is basically coke mixed with espresso

now i drink lo-carb monster which has very little calories, carbs, and sugar. but when i really need energy i drink this
8/21/08 5:16:38AM
Was addicted to Rockstars up until a week ago...I was going through 3 aday. My friends dared me to chug 4 Redlines in a row...the day ended with my firends dad bailing me out of jail.
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