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POLL: Which MW would you like to see in the UFC the most?
Matt Lindland 12% (3)
Paulo Filho 38% (10)
Dennis Kang 0% (0)
Robbie Lawler 46% (12)
Murilo Rua 0% (0)
Frank Shamrock 4% (1)
11/14/07 5:49:34AM
If the UFC were to start bringing 185'ers in/back to make the MW division more dense, who out of this list would you like to see the MOST!

a) which of the following would you like to see
1. Matt Lindland
2. Paulo Filho
3. Dennis Kang
4. Robbie Lawler
5. Murilo Rua
6. Frank Shamrock
b) how hard would it be to get them (signed with other organizations for X amount of fights/ bruned bridge / no reason to bring em in)...
c) who else would you like to see as I am bound to leave out lots...

11/14/07 6:34:17AM
I would love to see Frank Shamrock vs. Anderson Silva.
I think it would be a good fight. IMO Silva would ko Shamrock, but Shamrock does have the skill set to win that fight.
I know this fight will never happen in the UFC because for the deep hatred that Shamrock and Dana have for each other.
11/14/07 7:43:56AM
I would love to see Anderson silva/Robbie Lawler! that would be a standup war. I think silva would win but damn it would be great
11/14/07 8:26:23AM
Lindland. Yeah, he's getting up there in age but he's still a top MW and history has shown that the hatchet can be buried.
11/14/07 11:15:54AM
I know there friends and won't fight each other but Paulo Filho
VS Anderson Silva would be awesome.
11/14/07 11:35:39AM
I voted Robbie Lawler !!

Filho is already with WEC who is control by the UFC.

Kang just got KO against a good guy but not a top 5 guys !!

Shamrock, no need to have another Shamrock in the UFC for a while !! LOL

Ninja need to increase his level of competitiveness before thinking about the UFC level.

Lindland, well, if he want to come to the UFC it is ok with me but he is not the guy that i want to see the most !!

11/14/07 11:54:11AM
at this point id take any or all of them, but if i have to choose its filho followed closely by frank and lawler.
11/14/07 12:11:53PM
robbie i think would make the fastest mark on the UFC
11/14/07 12:11:58PM
If the question was who is most likely to come to the UFC it would be Robbie Lawler.

He has shown that he has improved, he is currently an assistant coach on TUF and I think the door is open to him right now if he wants to come back.

I also think Ninja could be a good option to sign and Filho could move up at anytime.
11/14/07 12:16:03PM
Robbie Lawler for me, i'm a big fan of him and i think he can beat anderson silva
11/14/07 1:21:26PM
I chose Matt for the reason i think he could beat anderson silva i would love to see robbie come back to the ufc but i dont think he would be able to beat anderson silva they both have great striking but i think andersons is better and im not sure how much robbies chin can take ( he did get knocked out by nick diaz, and he isnt nearly as good as silva) and silva has great power ask chris leben, rish franklin, and nate marquardt along with a slew of others i think matt would just have a better chance at beating silva becuase of his skill set its going to be hard to find a better striker than silva that can take his punches. I think silva might be one of the top 5 strikers in the world
11/15/07 7:45:58AM
I've love to see Silva fight David Loiseau (if david can get a few more wins under his belt and get back up into the big league)
11/15/07 8:34:17AM
I chose Filho because a fight with him and Silva would undoubtably prove whose number one in the world at middleweight, i truly believe Filho could hang with Silva, im not saying he would win but he would have a way better showing than franklin, leben, lutter, and marquardt did.
11/15/07 8:42:28AM
I know Lindland has the best chance to beat Anderson but id prefer to see Lawler as it would be a better fight, id also really love Baroni to be signed as he would fit in very nicely right now
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