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5/21/08 11:46:04PM
does anyone know any good recovery foods that can help with sore muscles?
thank you for your help
5/22/08 7:43:52AM
Potassium helps against cramps. Protein helps recovery. You'll strain yourself less if you stretch and eat good food.

I don't really have a specific food.
5/22/08 11:06:42AM
Glutamine is a supplement for muscle recovery. It's best if you can find a Protein supplement which also contains glutamine in it.
5/22/08 11:53:12AM
I make an after workout shake with:

A bunch of water - hydrated muscles relax more and will recover faster. Water (rather than juice or milk) also helps the other ingredients to be absorbed faster
A banana - potassium prevents muscle cramps (don't mistake cramps for stiff muscles)
Protein powder - helps your muscles repair
Oat bran oatmeal - whole grains that are great for restoring your energy supply. They are also a source of fibre and protein as well. Get an oatmeal that is as fine as possible, but don't get instant oatmeal.
Flax oil - High source of omega-3 fatty acids (see my thread on "getting your daily dose of fat," - I'll bump it for you)
Pomegranate juice (splash) - it adds a little more flavour to your shake, which is pretty much banana tasting (unless you have vanilla or chocolate protein powder) and is also a source of antioxidants.

And one more thing, if your muscles are sore, don't just sit on the couch waiting for them to loosen up. Do light activity or stretching. Increased blood flow to a particular tissue will increase recovery (from workout or injury) in a noticeable way.
5/22/08 4:42:52PM
thank you for the help.
5/23/08 11:01:39PM
for BJJ i use Zico

not a food but a Coconut water drink it makes you wanna go for another few hours
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