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9/26/12 2:31:28PM
Retired UFC fighter and current broadcaster Kenny Florian is in shape.

After all, "round is a shape," he told recently joked with Radio (

But the former UFC title challenger, who was the first competitor to fight in four different UFC weight classes, said injuries are healing, he's getting in better shape, and he's now hesitant to completely discount the possibility he'll someday return to the cage as a fighter.

Florian (14-6 MMA, 12-5 UFC), who commentates this weekend's UFC on FUEL TV 5 event with booth mate Jon Anik in Nottingham, England, retired from MMA back in May, seven months after his final UFC appearance: a title loss to featherweight champion Jose Aldo at UFC 136. Sure, it was the fighter's third unsuccessful bid at a UFC title, but during an illustrious nine-year pro career, "The Ultimate Fighter 1" runner-up became one of UFC's biggest fan favorites.

However, the 36-year-old called it quits after a back injury kept him out of the gym and made training all but impossible. Recently, though, he's seen improvement on that front

9/26/12 2:43:18PM
nobody truly retires anymore
9/26/12 3:13:14PM
I feel a title shot coming on
9/26/12 3:14:37PM
I would like to see Kenny make a return, I have always been a fan of him. If it doesnt work out for him, he could either continue commentating or start up a profession as the stunt double for Ben Stiller.
9/26/12 3:15:27PM
There's not really a great reason for him to come back but I'm all for it if he wants to.

On the one hand, there is basically no chance that he will ever hold a title now. He's lost enough title shots that it will be hard to get another one.

On the other hand, he could still make a lot of money in the sport. They could match him up with up and comers and use him as a measuring stick before giving guys a title shot.

Who knows though, if he wins enough fights maybe he will get another chance. He matches up pretty well against Bendo.
9/26/12 3:51:08PM

Posted by Poor_Franklin

nobody truly retires anymore

yup, they should just call it "taking a break"
9/26/12 4:59:08PM
If he does return I say Sanchez/Florian 2 at LW.

I've been wanting to see that for years.
9/26/12 5:06:41PM

Posted by Budgellism

If he does return I say Sanchez/Florian 2 at LW.

I've been wanting to see that for years.

I second that.
9/26/12 6:05:41PM
looks like kenny's makin the move to 135.
9/26/12 6:24:32PM
125 Title shot? Slim pickins at 125
9/27/12 10:22:03AM
I really hope Kenny doesn't make a return. He was certainly one of my favorite fighters and could probably still do pretty well in the mix at lw, but I feel that when you retire on your own terms, that is when it's the best to stay retired. He has nothing to prove and it wasn't like there was one defining fight that sent him to retirement, he just can't keep up with the young wrestlers and his body is getting angry at him for still trying. If he makes a return he loses some of the dignity of retiring previously on his terms.
9/27/12 7:03:28PM
if he returns, I want to see him get Oliveira'd