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6/27/12 11:45:24PM

Posted by Boo_Radley21

Posted by jae_1833

Nice to see your all a bunch of really good guys with enormously sized penises.....me, I am a fighter not a lover. Average sized white military issued penis, however I am an asshole who has been in countless streetfights my whole life. Raised in an ethnic side of town I have been even stabbed a couple of times, shot at a few times too, before I joined and especially afterwards as I was a Marine in all male ground combat units. My record is unknown as I never really counted but I did well as I have always been training. Wrestling and boxing in high school, muay thai and bjj in the Marines. I usually win as I am decently sized (6'1" and 215) and actually know how to scrap. Plus I know the difference between hurt and injured, lastly I do pick my battles well from experiences in my youth. I still get in street fights/ bar fights every now and again and I am 34 years old married with three kids. [/QUOTED]

I challenge you

6/28/12 3:40:51AM
I beat Marlon Sims in a street fight
6/28/12 2:55:28PM

7/9/12 6:45:30PM

Posted by papercut


like 37-0 in fights where the other guy backed down from my drunk ass.

Also 1-0 vs a fence.
7/9/12 7:04:08PM
0-8-2 (NC)

.....at jerking off! - - this kid is 18 and his man-gina is reaching camel-toe proportions!

He probably likes Brock's phallic tat up his ass - - Requiem for a Dream style
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7/9/12 7:04:55PM
when i was around 12 i was on a 3-wheeler and got into a scuffle with a barbedwire fence. i can say i came out of it on top of the fence but i was a bloody mess

i haven't been in a street fight since i was in my early 20's but i can say the last 2 guys i fought isn't around any more
7/9/12 8:48:57PM

Posted by voodoo-jitsu

when i was around 12 i was on a 3-wheeler and got into a scuffle with a barbedwire fence. i can say i came out of it on top of the fence but i was a bloody mess

i haven't been in a street fight since i was in my early 20's but i can say the last 2 guys i fought isn't around any more

Well see now after that cool fence story I gotta share mine.

Last yeaar after I went to UFC 135 and drank enough to give a buffalo alcohol poisoning I left the bar in a drunkin rage telling everyone to leave me alone and to pick me up a mile or so down the road. Then while my best friend is trying to calm me down a dog is barking at us from someones back yard. I get angry and decide this dog must DIE! So I started to rip the fence apart piece by piece after ripping anywhere from 4-6 pieces off AND THROWING THE WOOD PIECES IN THE STREET my best bud convinced me to head back.

Me> that fence

Crazy end to the story 2 mins later a cop shows up and we are all sitting around the car shit faced and he wants to know who's driving and what we're up to????? We then tell him we are out drinking after the UFC show!!!!! He then asked how Hughes did? I tell him great till the last 15 sec when he got KOed cop says thanks for the info and leaves. what a night!!!!!

7/9/12 9:25:23PM
Only been in a couple of schoolyard scuffles, hardly what I would call a streetfight.

2 oe 3 years ago I did get punched in the eye by a drunken friend because we were sort of playfighting and I submitted him like 4 times in about 2 minutes, he got upset and punched me, I didn't retaliate.
7/10/12 12:34:54PM
Sorry for the double post. Damn EVO has been bugging out lately
7/10/12 12:48:53PM
I've been training bjj since I was 14 I'm 21 now so that's 7 years.

With that being said. I had a friend that I had also gotten into it and we would always grapple in his this huge carpeted room he had at his house . This was when I was 17 he was a year older. I'm 6'2 205 ripped then. He was 6'3 and in good shape. He never beat me until one time he pulls a toe hold out of his ass. Haha

Anyways my friend was friends with the "black crowd" at school like the wannabe gangster type well there was one of em who thought he could whoop my ass. And I straight told him I won't even throw a punch but ill make you tap out. He of course didn't believe me and later that day we met up at my friends house. It went like this.

He squared up and I just stood there and waited. I am very good with throws but he didn't know that . My goal i was trying to achieve was to get him in my guard. He bum rushes me and throws a right hook. I slip it and throw him down the hardest he's ever been I imagine and I let him get up. I'm smiling and he's pissed. He comes at me again and I clinch up and pull guard. In an instant I have the triangle in. He tries to stack me but I grab his leg and pull the head down.I tell him to tap and he won't. My friend tells him to just do it and he does.

I let him out and help him up. He wasn't mad he was like damn that was badass will you teach me??
7/11/12 12:13:19AM
No body messed with me. Cause I would just kill them hostel style. Too many horror movies does make u sadastic
7/29/12 11:41:50PM
I thought this pic needed to be added to this thread...

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7/30/12 12:08:00AM
The only one in the past few years for me, I was backing up who I thought was my friend, he started mouthing off to 3 dudes in a parking lot where we were getting gas one night. They all got out of their car, so i got out of mine, and immediatly one of them takes a swing at me, we started swatting, next thing I know I am getting hit from every direction, I go down, happen to see my so called friend who always claimed to be a badass running away after he started all this, he left me there with all 3 of them, I would love to tell you I fought the good fight, but I would be lying. I managed to cover up, I feel one of them trying to sneak his arm around my neck, so I did the only thing I could. I bit the shit out of him, actually taking a good size chunk of meat with me. They backed off just long enough for me to get to my car. Now I am a laid back dude, never claimed to be a tough guy, but they came for me again as I was getting in my car. At that point I had enough of getting thrashed by these guys, and I am a gun owner, so out came the piece, time to go loco with da heater, 9 millimeter. It was the first and hopefully only time in my life I had to pull a weapon on someone. They backed up real fast then, so I got in my car and went and got cleaned up. This "friend" of mine is actually dumb enough to show up at my house like a week later, thinking we were still cool. I really have never started a fight in my life, but I decided to start with him. turns out he found out at the same time I did that I have a pretty wicked straight right, or he doesnt have much of a chin, I must admit after what he did to me leaving me for those guys he started with, it felt pretty damn good to knock his block off. He got up and left, I havent seen him since.
7/30/12 1:53:27AM
I've only been in two major confrontations.


Win, 2004, Douche who pushed my ex in the hallway, Rd 1 TKO, Peer Stoppage
Win, 2005, Drunk d-bag threatening ppl with knife, Rd 1 Sub, Technical Guillotine
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