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4/24/13 9:15:30AM
Recent UFC competitor "Thrilling" Pat Schilling today announced his MMA retirement at the rather youthful age of 24.

Schilling (5-2 MMA, 0-2 UFC) today made the announcement via social media.

Schilling said his ultimate goal in the sport was to get the UFC. He accomplished the feat just two years after his January 2010 pro debut, though he ultimately suffered a submission defeat to Daniel Pineda (in a late-notice fight) and a decision loss to Max Holloway upon his arrival in the world's biggest fight promotion.

4/24/13 9:48:28AM
Going gets tough, time to quit. If a relatively similar boxer decided to quit no one would ever know it.
4/24/13 10:19:43AM
Unfortunately it sounds like another issue with the monies.
4/24/13 10:48:04AM
Guess those two losses just sucked the desire to fight from him.
4/24/13 1:52:19PM
The kid is still young. Go to college get a degree
4/24/13 1:58:27PM
He made the right call. The beating he took from Holloway was just BRUTAL.
4/24/13 3:35:23PM
his life his descion good luck. i respect anyone who gets in there and competes