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6/11/08 1:15:07AM
At UFC 84, Dong Hyun Kim did a Cradle Piledriver to Jason Tan. Nobody on the blogosphere even mentioned it.

At UFC 85 two weeks later, Nate Marquardt does a Gasno Bomb and he's the MMA antichirst.

What is going on?

6/11/08 6:46:50AM
i;m gald i'm posting so early in the thread.... cause this is gonna be a long ridiculous debate.
6/11/08 7:38:26AM
I can't really see why neither of those fighters didn't get a point taken away and in the case of The Great the ref should have dq'd him.
6/11/08 10:39:07AM
IDK... To me Kim's "piledriver" was little more than an awkward takedown attempt... While he did lift his opponent off of the canvas, he almost gently (for lack of a better term) went to the ground... I mean Tan never even really let go of the single that he had...

When I watch Nate's, well it just looks more malicious... And while Kim's may have been more muddled because the bodies were closer together or whatever... Marquardt's had that immediate impact that made you kinda wonder if Lietes was going to be OK.... there wasn't a reaction like this from me, watching the Kim fight...

I guess, if I had to break it down, if you had to choose which one to take... Would you choose Kim's "cradle piledriver" or Nate's ?
6/11/08 11:05:22AM
Big John knows wassup, shame we have this crap replacement

The thing is the head spike has always been contentious, Tyson did it to Tavres i think and nothing was said, thats cos a slam can turn into a head spike easily by the opponent

But this was a clear cut case of head spiking and Nate had to know it was against the rules, that just leveled out the point dediction that shouldnt have been so aint such a big deal but if it was to happen in the future id want to see it called a foul cos someone is going to break their neck otherwise
6/11/08 10:10:25PM
IMO No. It just means those 2 guys missed it. Too be fair, I don't think they were ready for it, and may not have ever seen it before in MMA. I can only remember 2 piledriver attempts in MMA. Minowa/Filho and Sapp /Big Nog. So it seems likely they might have just missed it. I hope someone has clued them in since.
6/12/08 1:00:59AM
I think Nate was in trouble and was deliberately trying to inflict major damage on his opponent. Injuring him was the only way He might of thought he could win!

That was very cheap of him to do. I hope he gets suspended.
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