5 reasons why mixed martial arts is better than anything

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2/22/07 3:21:11PM
7/24/07 7:39:45PM
MMA guys generally are college-educated and went to Division I schools.

is this a joke?? look at chuck Lidell. or yes most of them are college educated but thats on a WRESTLING SCHOLARSHIP. he acts like these guys are really smart. not dissing the MMA fighters but comeon. if therwe was boxing scholarships there would be a ton more boxers graduating from college
9/25/07 12:46:02AM
boxing has been an established profession for almost a century, and the sport was so big that almost everyone who competed decently was paid enough to not have to work. Mma fighters, until the last few years had to work a real job to support their mma careers. Griffin used to be a cop, carlos newton was in medschool when he was defending his title against hughes (if i remember correctly). Also, a lot of martial artists learn values such as hardwork, persistence and discipline and apply them to other aspects of their lives. I think that this environment produces a more intelligent and stable athlete than the boxing atmosphere does.
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