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7/28/07 2:50:34PM

Posted by zephead

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At some point Fedor will lose. In the next 2 years I doubt it. He will not lose twice to someone either. The only way he could lose is to get caught, but we've seen him get caught before. Fujita had him knocked out on his feet, and I think everyone agrees no human should have been able to withstand that throw that Randelman gave him.

Or a nasty keylock from a giant Kiwi
Only to beat him with a kimura a minute later

Fedor hasn't even been close to losing and he's beaten the best.
Fedor won't lose for quite some time

I guess you didn't see the Fujita fight

Saw it and loved it
I've been a fan of MMA since it started.
Why would I miss that fight.

The half second that anyone seems to get an advantage on Fedor doesn't impress me much.
Hunt came the closest in my eyes

But when troubled Fedor seems to accelerate a few gears.
It's like a two minute warning
Not even, a minute countdown, till whoever it was who made the mistake of awakening fedors attention, loses, in some way that we haven't imagined Fedor was capable of.

Hey i'm a big 'Big' Nog fan and Fedor just keeps beating him up.

He's in his prime.
And he's the best fighter.
And he will be untill some new guy comes along.
7/28/07 4:46:12PM
Fujita had him knocked out on his feet. Fujita was one punch away. I think it is a great testiment to The Fedor that he recovered from that.
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