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10/23/07 3:53:49PM
I noticed that a lot of people don't make picks for every fight in an event. I can see this for betting, because you lose money, but you don't lose points for incorrect picks, do you? Do these people just want to make a good win/loss record for bragging rights or is there something I'm missing? You're pretty much forced to bet on every fight if you want a chance at making a top score for the event aren't you? Thanks in advance for any info. given.
10/23/07 4:03:36PM
Yeah, you pretty much nailed it on the head. What they are doing is "cherry picking". They are picking the EASY fights, that even Ray Charles could pick right. Anyways, all they are doing is lessening their chances of being top point leader and top point event winner. Therefore, they can keep on trying to perfect their record, because it gives you and I a better chance of winning REAL money! $100 for each event you are the top point man/earner, and doubled if you are a premium member. The funny thing is, when I started out on this site for some reason I thought it was required that you made a bet on every fight. I don't know why I thought that. Anyways, to answer all of your question, no you do not lose points for not picking and you could still be top earner without making a bet on some events/fights. You could bank off of one fighter and not need any other bets. It really depends on your situation. Hope this helps and good luck with the rest of the season!
10/23/07 4:05:08PM
Very smart guy, I like your style already. Welcome to the Playground.
10/23/07 4:09:07PM
these peoples are ridiculous, and they should have a lost at every picks that they don't do.

so instead of being 10-0 with a 100% record, they would be like 10-51 and a beautiful 16.39 % record !!!!

10/23/07 4:33:45PM
Yeah...there's not reason NOT to pick the winner/loser in a fight...some people on here are punks and try to make their w/l records impressive for bragging rights. I guarantee that 98% of people will pick that Rashad/Bisping fight...
10/23/07 4:44:54PM
Well I'm new here and I was sure that you had to pick every fight, it's unfair if somebody pick only the easy ones. If picking every fight is not mandatory than the ratio should be calculate with the total of fights available. Like 10 pick on 325 possibility something like that...

it should show the stats this way

I think it would be more fair that way...
10/23/07 6:04:03PM
none of the top money earners bet on every fight, or even 2 or 3 fights, you are pretty much forced to pick 1 guy with decent odds every event and hope u get lucky
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