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8/24/11 9:31:49PM
When i started to think about why the UFC would have Anderson Silva fight Dan Henderson it became obvious......With Rashad Evans already set as the #1 Contender at 205 and with the storyline they have with Rashad/Rampage and Rashad/Bones Jones they will be able to sell those either of those PPV easy. So with the 205 Strikeforce champ coming over with no opponent they are going to bring Anderson Silva up to a permanent change to the 205 division with the winner getting a title shot at the winner of either of those two match ups i said earlier. What do you guys think of this theory and what do you think of this move by the UFC??
8/24/11 9:51:49PM
Hendo still has to re-sign with the UFC right? I think so.

Also Silva is fighting this weekend and then they want Silva to turn around and fight right again on what is it Nov. 12? Don't know if that will happen.

But I do like the idea of having a pretty big fight for the two FOX fights, b/c I was unsure of how big of fights UFC was going to try and do for this FOX two fight thing.
8/25/11 5:23:10AM
This fight wont happen so why are we even talking about it?
8/25/11 11:41:48AM
I doubt the permanent move to 205 for Silva just dont see it with Bones around...And Silva wont fight Machida..He loves his reign at Middleweight...
8/25/11 1:25:00PM
Okami could easily win and every time we look straight past a fight (gonzaga) (serra) (couture) we see ourselves upset.
8/25/11 9:20:10PM
Dana saying this fight won't happen. Even if Silva wins in 13 seconds.

He said, he is working on main event right now.

Also would have to work out a deal with Hendo, which prolly wouldn't be easy.
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