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5/27/11 4:15:16PM
Have you ever wondered why gorillas live in the rain forests of central Africa while the lions live in the barren deserts?

Long ago, the gorillas and lions clashed heads and fought for territorial possessions of the most valuable lands – where food is neither scarce and water is always plentiful.
Gorillas currently reside where food and water is plentiful. The lions- reduced to eating foul and unhealthy meat.

Who is the real King? The kings would sit and eat fruits and berries and occasionally treat themselves to a succulent meaty dish while the commoners feed off the scraps – leftovers in the barren wastelands.

And now for the actual topic: Gorilla versus Lion – who wins?
5/27/11 4:30:25PM
Darn it, I should have made a poll. It would make it easier for members to participate seeing as it takes a lot for some to put up a post.
5/27/11 4:32:35PM
I swear Gorilla's are rarely actually involved in a fight? Please mistake me if I'm wrong

But I think a lion would win due to that. However if that is not the case I'd still go for the lion as it has to physically run and chase down its pray which can sometimes be bigger than it. A gorilla simply picks its leaves off trees.
5/27/11 4:52:35PM
Gorillas. But i'd rather see Kodiak Bear vs Gorilla
5/27/11 7:45:19PM
well here's the thing lions hunt in packs(prides) and they know how to kill. lion wins by ambush. sure the gorillas can use their arms but the claws a lion has would work vs

lion ftw!
5/27/11 8:52:50PM
Alone in the jungles of Africa, the alpha lion remains motionless as the gazelles danced in the meadows. Shunned from the rest of the pride, he now has to kill his own meals as he stealthily hides in the golden grasses of Africa. Slowly inching forward, he advances closer and closer to the herd of gazelles. He clumsily steps on a twig as it snaps and boom, the chase is on. The gazelles hurdled across the meadows and sprang for dear life as the lion charges left then right and then left again as he cannot decide which gazelle to go after.

The lion finally spots a succulent young gazelle springing away from the rest of the herd. He immediately charges toward the young lad in hopes dinner would be served.

Unbeknownst to the lion, this young lad can sure run and hurdle as it has no problems hurdling over logs, tree trunks, and brushes. It seemed so effortless for the young lad. He would faint left but would spring right. He would spring and skip like a human toddler as though he was playing hotchcop potato. While the lion is straining to keep up, the gazelle bounces right and then left and then right again as to tease the lion.

Out of breath and out of stamina but the lion keeps on trucking for he have not eaten in days. Desperate for a meal, the lion courageously summons his last bit of energy for one last sprint.

As the gazelle turned the corner, the lion follows closely behind and quickly makes the turn. He stumbles onto some brushes and spins out of control while losing sight of the gazelle, and with that, all hopes of a summer night’s meal.

The lion had no idea how long he had been chasing the gazelle – only to find out he is no longer in the jungles of Africa. Everywhere he turned, there were trees and fruit bearing trees. There were banana trees. There were berries, coconuts, pineapples, mangos, pears and much more. Just as the lion was about to gorge on some of these tasty fruits, a thunderous and loud roar came from nearby.

Trees started breaking. Fruits began falling. Brushes were being torn from their roots and out of the ground.

“Who goes there?” the silverback gorilla roared as the rain forest becomes silent all of a sudden.

“Um, um,…..um, I must have made a wrong turn somewhere when I was chasing a little gazelle,” the lion courageously responds.

“You mean this gazelle?” as the silverback elevates the freshly killed gazelle into the air with his mighty and powerful arm.

“Um, um….oh no, the gazelle I was chasing was much bigger. It must have escaped when I got distracted by the luscious fruits of what looks to be a paradise you have here. Um, um, I’ll be on my way now, good sir.”

5/27/11 9:21:46PM
215 posts in less than a month
5/27/11 9:47:26PM
A Tiger would beat the crap out of all of them
5/28/11 7:42:25AM
Elephant - huge and so powerful but calm and gentle
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5/28/11 9:02:05AM
Alright guys, sorry to burst your bubbles, but the real king is the hippopotamus. They don't get the respect they deserve because they don't look threatening and are kind of ugly creatures, but they have one of the strongest jaw strength out of any creature on Earth, tougher hide than elephants, and have no competition in a one on one battle between any animal on Earth besides humans considering their aggression.

5/28/11 5:41:02PM
The real p4p king is the african honey badger.
5/29/11 7:05:16AM
Gorilla wins by rear naked choke 9 times out of 10
5/29/11 12:23:10PM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

215 posts in less than a month

I type fast. What can I say?
5/29/11 9:57:39PM
But yeah, animal fights.... Always go with the animal that weighs more.

Gorilla v. Lion:

Similar weight, if they fought just one on one in a neutral terrain. I'd go gorilla in a very close match. Stylistically i think the gorilla could get his hands on the lion and thats where the gorilla's super crush strength becomes a bigger factor than the lion's slashing claws. Chimpanzees can lift broken trees dead lift style, and Gorilla's are much physically stronger.
Its been observed that Lion strategy is typically a rush in get you on the ground and bite you on the neck style where they plant their feet heavy. Their objective is always to ground their opponent before trying to finish them off Lion-Juijitsu style. But thats kinda like Matt hammill trying to take down Rampage, before going for the Rear naked choke. Good luck getting the takedown Lion.

Tigers have shown that they are lighter on their feet than Lions.
Source and tend to fight with a more sprawl-and brawl strategy, striking heaviliy on the outside. Now stylistically, i think Tiger beats gorilla all day on the outside. This is because if niether fighter is intending to take the fight down(2 sprawl and brawlers), the faster more technical striker is likely to do more damage. See Machida v. Rampage, but imagine if Rampage didnt have a gameplan, and instead just went ape-****(pun!). Another example that would work is Liddell v. Rampage.

But yeah - Gorilla v. Lion - Gorilla via stoppage, broken spine.

5/30/11 2:08:37AM
The gorilla will have the intellectual advantage. It will be able to adapt and out-maneuver the lion.

The lion's only hope to kill the gorilla is to bite the gorilla's neck.

The gorilla can deliver punishing and fatal blows to many parts of the lion. With its powerful arms, it can snap the lion's spine. It can knock out the lion with blows to the head. It can break the lion's limb.

The gorilla wins by way of intellect and brute force of the arms.
5/30/11 4:20:13PM
Ok, but you know who trumps them all?


I suggest you read your bibles, sirs! I am tired of this blasphemous back and forth! Repent and seek the lord's embrace!
5/30/11 4:29:16PM
Sometimes I wonder, if Jesus could kick ass on water?
5/31/11 4:42:44PM

Posted by pmoney

Ok, but you know who trumps them all?


I suggest you read your bibles, sirs! I am tired of this blasphemous back and forth! Repent and seek the lord's embrace!

I don't know. Jesus got spanked pretty hard by the Romans.
6/1/11 4:16:04AM
6/3/11 4:02:14PM

Posted by KungFuMaster

Posted by pmoney

Ok, but you know who trumps them all?


I suggest you read your bibles, sirs! I am tired of this blasphemous back and forth! Repent and seek the lord's embrace!

I don't know. Jesus got spanked pretty hard by the Romans.

They killed him.... And then he lived again. WINNING!
6/3/11 4:32:09PM

Posted by BigBadAl

They killed him.... And then he lived again. WINNING!

He was crucified by the Romans and then he rose from the dead.

......then the Roman Empire collapse.

So I guess Jesus did win.
6/5/11 4:28:35PM
Lions live in the desert?
6/5/11 5:39:21PM

Posted by rockyf

Lions live in the desert?

They call it the jungle, but it is really a desert.
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