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7/30/08 10:11:53PM
I'm just noticing that the hot bout still has a favorite with nearly 2/3's of the vote. There's plenty of time for it to change, but it wouldn't shock me if it stays that way. Anyone see any matches that might go nearly 50/50?
7/30/08 10:26:21PM
i think tavares vs pellegrino should be there
7/30/08 10:46:58PM
Well, Carnario and Chonan are the hot event right now. But I agree that tavares and Pellegrino is hard to call. Also, Name recognition will be a factor here, but I think Paryisan/Yoshida and Franklin/Hammil are literal Toss-ups, even tho most will pick Karo and Rich. DOn't sleep on Rousimar Palhares either.
7/30/08 10:55:04PM
Yeah I like Rousimar. I've seen a couple of his fights before he came to the UFC and he's a guy that continues to improve rapidly. Hendo is such a huge challenge though because I can't see Hendo getting submitted and I can't see him knocking him out. Hendo will just be on top..not doing much, but being on top usually equals a score card in their favor.

I thought Hammil and Ace would be a little closer. But apparently people think Ace can make the transition back to LHW pretty smoothly.
7/31/08 10:36:35AM
I'm really nervous about this event. Obviously I'm picking Rashad, but I've also got Hammill and Palhares winning. I did have Yoshida, but went back to Karo via UD... forever gatekeeper. Hammill over Rich isn't a huge upset, but Palhares over Hendo certainly is. Once every so often you get that event that is just full of upsets. I think this is it... or at least hope.
7/31/08 10:39:20AM
I've said it before and I'll say it again....there should only be a hot bout if the picks are close!!! 61% to 39% is not close, I think there should be a percentage cut off. For instance, in order to have a hot bout the percentage difference should be no greater than 5 %. In the secondary league there have been hot bouts where one fighter was nearly an underdog bonus ffs!

Anyways, I agree that the Tavares/Pellegrino, Yoshida/Karo, and Hamill/Franklin fights are closer than the odds show.
7/31/08 1:43:53PM
I think that Denderson/Palhares could go either way, I think Palhares has a very good chance of submitting him. Franklin/Hammill could go either way if it went to a decision.
8/1/08 1:31:48AM
Okay, that may have just changed with the addition of Kampman vs Marquardt, which I have to say is going to be an awesome fight.
8/1/08 2:49:56PM
yeah kampmann vs marquardt should be the hot bout now that it's on.
8/1/08 3:57:44PM

Posted by Aether

yeah kampmann vs marquardt should be the hot bout now that it's on.

8/1/08 5:31:24PM
really hard event to pick. lots of close matchups

carneiro vs chonan will be a war (I train under carneiro...he is a beast)

Pellegrino vs taveres is a pick'em. It is likely that it is switched to the hot fight as more people make their picks
8/1/08 8:09:06PM
i think the Tim Boetsch v sJames Lee fight will be a tossup for sure!!

and GO Kampmann!!!
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