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7/28/08 1:57:12AM
some people
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7/28/08 7:13:56AM
Yes it is real. I do remote support for a computer company and there are people who get crazy frustrated looking for the any key! Many developers have changed to Press Space or Press Enter to avoid the confusion. It's right up there with people that think because their laptop is wireless capable that they get free internet.
7/28/08 9:43:10AM
This confirms that ALL keyboards need a 'Bitch Slap' key.
7/28/08 12:30:11PM
haha wheres the any key?
7/28/08 2:48:14PM

Thats all in a quote from Homer Simpson.
7/28/08 2:56:01PM

Posted by gsquat

Thats all in a quote from Homer Simpson.

Haha that's the first thing I thought of when I read that.
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