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7/8/08 1:32:25AM
Jake Shields will finally get his shot at the Elite XC welterweight championship belt on July 26 in Stockton, Calif., when he takes on Nick Thompson on the CBS “Saturday Night Fights” show entitled, “Unfinished Business.”

Over the past few months, injuries and a bizarre string of events involving Drew Fickett have put the first ever division title fight on hold. With a new opponent, and nothing holding him back now, he’ll look to claim the title that he feels has always been his anyway.

Most people who have seen the Gracie jiu-jitsu black belt compete believe he is among the top 170-pound fighters in the world. Still, others — perhaps those who have not seen him compete — feel he needs to prove himself against better competition before he can claim that status.

7/8/08 1:47:24AM
Shields is gonna hurt him...
7/8/08 5:43:57AM
My thoughts exactly.I think Shields is pretty much EXC best kept secret at the moment.
7/8/08 10:04:37PM
He is good and I believe if he wins this one decisively then he could definitely be the champ for quite some time. The only other real competition for him there is Diaz and Fickett.
7/8/08 10:11:13PM
I love Jake.

I hope Drew found his sombrero.
7/8/08 10:25:09PM
Jake needs to beat Thompson, then finally face and beat Fickett, then realize that he should have been in the UFC this whole time and make some waves in the UFC WW division. would love to see how he matches up with Alves, Diego, Kos and Fitch
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