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10/24/10 6:00:15PM
After his Un-impressive victory at UFC121 does Jake Shields have what it takes to beat Georges St. Pierre??? In two shorts words........FUC% NO!!!!!! I like Jake and his approach to the game. But he has little chance opf wining against GSP! I just wonder what the PG's opinion is. Is he even good enough to be # 1 contender. IMHO...NO. Fitch has done more and earned the chance to fight GSP way more than Shields SD against Martin Kampman!
10/24/10 7:49:53PM
shields doesn't deserve to fight GSP, don't think he deserved the win against kampmann, I know he pretty much controlled it but all he could do was take him down and advance position a couple times and then kampmann would get up. no strikes, kampmann attempted more subs, landed two knees which buckled shields, landed way more strikes. shields couldn't do nothing!! he needs a few more fights before even considering him with GSP. IMO
10/24/10 8:23:41PM
I blame the weight cut, Shields even said as much after the 1st round.

Shields even showed some positional dominance briefly in the 3rd round when he was already physically spent. Even though he was on E, he still found away to improve position on Kampmann.

Ready for GSP?
I think Shields would be more prepared for the weight cut this time, but I dont like Shields chances either way.

I still think it would be a better sell than a Fitch rematch (even though based on merit Fitch has earned his rematch).

In conclusion, yes.. I think Shields next fight should be against the winner of GSP/Kos... and I think he is at a stylistic disadvantage against either of them tbh.

10/25/10 1:34:21AM
I don't wanna hear about the weight cut excuse. The guy was a welterweight champ
He needs one more fight
Make condit vs fitch for next title shot
10/25/10 5:16:05PM
GSP will KO Shields if they fight
10/25/10 5:44:03PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

I don't wanna hear about the weight cut excuse.

Uhh.... why not? Could it not be a plausible explanation? Jake Shields even referred to the weight cut to his corner after the first round, I would take that evidence over people saying that "I dont want to hear about that excuse". The fact that he alluded to that problem DURING the fight rather than after the fight kind of makes me agree with him a bit.

And remember, His last WW fight was against Paul Daley over 2 years ago. After that fight, he bulked up to MW for 1 and 1/2 years since. Then decides to move back down to WW, oh... and he never was a small WW.
10/25/10 7:54:48PM

Posted by Bloodhound

GSP will KO Shields if they fight

Yep but IMO i think shields deserves title shot, hes was th top ranked welterweight outside of the ufc and probably top 3 in the world. He holds a longer win strek than, GSP, KOS, Fitch an Kampmann s to be honest ya he deserves a title shot.

Also like to point out the Condit vs Fitch for next title shotis great idea ad wll most likely happen.
10/27/10 10:15:05AM
Jake's ground game is pretty good, but GSP's stand-up is way too advanced.
10/27/10 11:06:55AM
After the way Jake has performed on the ground with his "American JJ" I look forward to seeing him fight anyone who will take him down or who he can take down.
I have no desire to see him in stand up fight except to see him KOed, but to see him roll with great ground fighters is always a pleasure for me.

Edit: In light of recent twitter-related events I would like to support the notion of Jake Ellenberger fighting Jake Shields. Mostly because Ellenberger is one of my favorite fighters thus I support the notion of him fighting anybody.
10/27/10 12:09:11PM
GSP will retire as the champ. Mark my words and remember this post
10/27/10 5:01:44PM
No one is ready for GSP..... yet.
10/27/10 5:56:46PM
We can only hope. It would be wonderous to watch GSP get humiliated again.
10/28/10 7:57:39PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

I don't wanna hear about the weight cut excuse. The guy was a welterweight champ
He needs one more fight
Make condit vs fitch for next title shot

This!!!!!! I am tired of fighters/commentators blameing the weight cut for a fighters performance. If the cut is too much for him, he shouldn't make it.
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