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4/16/08 3:47:04PM
Most of the time the countdown shows display mixed martial artists skills and training techniques of the fighters but this show was like a soap opera. I hope this isin't the direction MMA is headed. Rich Franklin's father passed away and my heart goes out to him, but his personal life should not become involved with his professional life. The loss of Rich's father as well as him acting in a movie has very little to do with his Travis Lutter fight. I want to see footage of Rich training for the fight not him nervous about kissing Tiffany Amber Thiessen.
On TUF 4 Travis Lutter was the quietest guy in the house and now they show him being cocky and portayed him to be evil, showing him getting hate mail from fans. I've never met Travis so I can't say whether he's a nice guy or not but they make him look like the enemy.
A great deal of St. Pierres personal life was also displayed. Once again my heart goes out to him. Both him and Rich have a lot to mentally overcome but it doesn't need to be but on TV for everyone to see. The section of showing how Matt Serra came up with the Gracies was interesting yet overall the show didn't have much training.
It was still a good show but I think they should focus more on the business aspect of the sport instead of the fighters personal lives which should be kept out of the public's eye.

What do you guys think?
4/16/08 4:02:34PM
The display of the personal life of the fighters is 100% made after an investigation of the directors "what actually the spectators want to see".
4/16/08 10:12:24PM
my reaction to this was...."damn, Gsp's sister is kinda hot"....

then i realized this show was just about fighters' drama and not the sport.
4/17/08 12:27:05AM
I think it's kind of interesting, I like to see that. But actually like to see the training more.
4/17/08 1:09:13AM
gsp's sister was hot, and i did like it but i hope next month we get to see the training part of it(gotta see what BJ is doing for cardio)
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