Ray Mercer Vows To KO Kimbo Slice on 6/16

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3/24/07 2:20:51AM
According to a recent report in the Atlantic City Press, 1988 Olympic Gold Medal winner, former WBO heavyweight champion Ray Mercer is once again entering the world of mixed martial arts, against popular "internet street fighter" Kimbo Slice. A June bout with Hasim Rahman apparently fell through.

3/24/07 3:24:42AM
i'd pay to see that fight

i would like to see what he does against an actual talented fighter

4 ounce gloves and a slugfest between an ex champion and the internets mos praised street fighter
3/26/07 3:10:46PM
If you have watched any of Kimbos fights on the internet he is decent. When he fought a UFC preson (Sean Gannon 1-1) in one of his backyard fights he got his ass kick. He got knock down like four of five time. Every time laying there for a good ten seconds before he even started to get up. Dont get me wrong Kimbo got his in also.
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