Ray Allen and Paul Pierce

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7/4/07 12:19:45AM
Do you think ray allen and paul pierce will bring the boston celtics to the playoffs.
7/4/07 2:36:23AM
i am a celtics fan and i have mixed feelings about the trade.

make the playoffs? possibly.

go deep in the playoffs? no.
7/4/07 9:12:41PM
Agreed, they MAY make playoffs but they still wont go anywhere. They do not have a deep enough team to make it far.
7/5/07 7:44:23PM
If they have good chemistry i think they can be a force i mean the east is pretty weak anyway....the west is always the one being more dominate.So i think it just is how they connect and bond i say 4 sure playoffs and maybe the second round and possibly deeper.
7/1/08 10:36:26PM
Yes, yes I do.
7/1/08 10:40:02PM

Posted by asterisk

Yes, yes I do.

7/2/08 12:39:19AM
Whatever happend due to this trade? Did they do well?
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