Ratings For UFC Fight Night 9 & TUF 5 Episode 1

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4/8/07 12:07:45PM

UFC Fight Night on Thursday night drew a final cable rating of 1.2, according to Nielsen Media Research. Not a good number at all for a UFC Fight Night event, but it wasn't promoted very well (the focus was on the Ultimate Fighter season debut) and the main-event wasn't exactly a ratings-grabber.

The Ultimate Fighter 5 episode one that premiered following UFN 9 drew a final cable rating of 1.4, according to Nielsen Media Research. That is a pretty decent number to start the season off with.
4/8/07 4:23:05PM
No wonder that the ratings are folling down. Who wants to sit in front of the tv and watch a 2 hours show where 1.5 hours is just same commercials....over and over again.... For those who can see things , or pay attention to things there's another funny thing to discuss... Kenny Florian fight ... After the win he talks to J Rogan sipping constantly on a closed can of the "xenergy" drink lol. What's up with that ??? Any way , rest of the fighters usually have empty cans but at least open :))) besides when U hold a can of any drink in your hand You jusualy try not to spill it all over people around You and yourself, so who waves a can full of anything in croud ? And then if the fight go to a decision, the looser do not deserve a drink ?:))
4/8/07 5:29:43PM
I'm sure they thought no one would notice that the xyience drink was unopened, or he probably would have drank one for real (unless they taste so horrible that he didn't want to actually drink one). More shameless marketing is all it is.
4/10/07 8:58:37AM
I'm sure billions around the world have bought Xyience energy drinks becauce KenFlo was pretending to drink one. Lord knows I sure did .
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