UFC on FX 6 TV Ratings Lowest of the Series on FX

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12/18/12 2:39:44PM
Friday night’s UFC on FX 6: Sotiropoulos vs. Pearson, which was broadcast live from Australia on FX, pulled in the lowest TV ratings of any UFC on FX.

12/18/12 4:03:17PM
I don't think this should surprise anyone
12/18/12 5:17:29PM
I don't think this is an issue. Fox are committed and have a long-term deal with the UFC.
12/18/12 5:17:45PM
They were good cards, but for the casual fan it lacked the big name.
12/18/12 6:05:28PM
a lot of buddies are causal fans who didn't want to dedicate there whole weekend to fights so it was like ... "Gsot vs RealDeal.. or Big Country vs MeatHead..?"
12/19/12 12:10:41PM
Back to back fight nights will have this result, and like others have stated, lack of name recognition has a lot to do with it. I still don't think FOX is doing that great of a job advertising for these and Fuel shows. They reap what they sew...possibly buttons.
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