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POLL: How would you rate UFC 67?
10 0% (0)
9 11% (4)
8 50% (19)
7 21% (8)
6 11% (4)
5 8% (3)
2/4/07 3:16:28AM
I don't think ther has been a UFC pride PPVin 5 years that rated a 5 or less. It's MMA after all, and we are all fans, so I just made it 5 through 10.

I'll give it a 7(average) on fight quality, but will bump it up to 8 because Rampage /Crocop/and Edgar made good debut's. Also, I read Machida's was awesome. Sorry they didn't show it.
2/4/07 3:19:17AM
the fights were good but that still does not change the fact that they were crappy matchs, 8
2/4/07 3:27:22AM
I gave it a 7. For me, a rating of 7 is good/average. We did learn some things tonight though. Silva is vulnerable to someone with good takedowns, hell any kind of takedown I was very impressed by Edgar. Rampage needs some tune-ups yet. Give some credit to Sanchez. He took quite a few shots from Cro Cop. Much respect to him.
2/4/07 3:55:04AM
We all knew this was basically a promo UFC to build up the new additions to US/TUF fans, so I wasn't expecting too much anyways.

That said there were some great fights and CC, Machida and Rampage all had good debuts
2/4/07 4:05:35AM
Great debuts.....lots of great wars and very intense the kind that watches all fights with extreme intensity so all fights are good for me...even the ones with not much action......i hate people who booo fighters...all fighters deserver respect...

great night of MMA and Boxing....8.5....voted 8
2/4/07 5:41:11AM
5 -

we'll say it started at a 10

lost gsp/serra before it started -1 point
lutter/silva non title match as the only main event -1 point
cro-cop/sanchez being a horrible matchup, and i think an early stoppage -1 point
rampage/eastman not nearly as exciting as i had hoped for -1 point
cote/smith being a complete snorefest -1 point

the best fights of the night were on the undercard, by far. and they didnt show the machida fight even then.

bonus points for terry martin calling out swick...and essentially the whole division...good for a laugh (as he has been less than impressive in his previous fights as a whole)

bonus points for edgar/griffin fight - best fight of the night....easily

all bonus points negated by goldberg being even more idiotic than usual.....
2/4/07 5:41:57AM
I would give it a solid 7. It was one of those events with almost no surprises. I can't wait for Pride 33+ and some more balanced UFC fights to affect the MMAPlayground standings. My competitive thirst wasn't exactly quenched by most of the obvious picks in UFC 67.
2/4/07 10:08:48AM
Had to give it a 7. Although the mathces seemed Good during the fight. b4 hand most of them looked liek they were gonna be lopsided affairs.
2/4/07 11:42:01AM
i give it a six but i missed the rampage and huerta fights because my ppv fucked up. cro cop was impressive, cote and smith was ok, anderson was a decent fight and edgar griffin was phenomenal. i think the show lost a lot of spunk because of lutter, i think that might have wayed in on my decision because now that i think about it the fights were pretty good.
2/4/07 12:28:50PM
well most of the fights were good finishes which means alot to me. I also read that Machida vs Hoger was the best fight of the night.... too bad they didn't show that one.
2/4/07 12:38:33PM
8, it was good but it wasn't amazing.
2/4/07 2:00:00PM
i also gave it an 8, ill take any MMA event and watch it, just want to see some good fights.
2/4/07 2:51:35PM
I just loved it. I was very entertained and that's what my criteria is all about.

Rampage delivered, CC delivered. Some very good fights. Lutter got the beating and embarrassment he deserved (I hope his head hurts).
Joe Rogan pretty much helped hyping up Pride with all his talk about the great fighters there and the Pride GP.

The only thing that brought it down was that freakin moron Patrick Cote who stalled and intentionally went for a decision.
IMO fighters should want to finish.. **** that.
2/5/07 1:23:38AM
I went 8. It wasn't the greatest show as far as fight quality, but it got extra points for having Rampageg and Cro Cop. Also I am very pleased with the Silva/Lutter outcome.
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