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3/8/08 1:42:40AM
Alright, so I was in a study hall with some of my teammates (wrestlers) and we were discussing how most fight commissions have a 90 day precautionary suspension after fights. Well, lately the UFC has been doing some super booking, and most of their main stars are booked for upcomming PPV's. So we were trying to predict the cards for the UFC 87 event for August 9, and the Fight Night for August 2 using only elgible fighters. That means fighters not currently booked for a match, or tied down to contracts with other promotions. Other rules we set were that fighters from outside the UFC could not main event or co-main event a PPV or fight night. Also as common with events only three non-contracted UFC fighters can make their debut...1 on the main card, two on the undercard. Also one main event and on co-event per card. Both cards 10 man cards. PPV: 5 main card matches, 5 undercards. Fight Night: 4 main card matches, 5 undercard, 1 swing bout.

Basically, we couldn't do it. We went through the entire UFC roster and could not create two enticing cards with the leftovers. This is what we got so far:

UFC Fight Night (In Denver):
Main Event: Joe Stevenson vs. Roger Huerta
Co-Main Event: Diego Shancez vs. Josh Koschek
-Patrick Cote vs. Chris Leben
-Marvin Eastman vs. Kendal Grove
-Jorge Gurgel vs. Rob McCullough (swing bout)

-Chris Lytle vs. Ben Saunders
-Jon Koppenhaver vs. Kyle Bradley
-Jared Rollins vs. Troy Mandalonez
-Jake O'Brien vs. Antoni Hardonk
-Rory Singer vs. Edwin Dweevs

UFC 87 (In Minnesota):
Main Event: Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami
Co-Main Event: Brock Lesnar vs. Mark Coleman
-Dan Henderson vs Antonio Rogeiro Nogueria (Lil Nog)
-Ricardo Almeida vs. Thales Leites
-Jon Fitch vs. Akihiro Gono

-Cory Hill vs. Thiago Tavares
-Ryo Chonan vs. Shonie Carter
-Jason Lambert vs. David Loiseau
-Eddie Shancez vs. Brad Imes
-Gegard Mousasi vs. Glover Teixeria

How would you rate these cards? We wanted to main event UFC 87 with either Nog or Silva...but neither had decent opponents. Okami was closer, than Nog vs. (Verdum, Heering, or Mir). We figured Fight Nights are normally full of TUF rejects on the undercards while UFC undercards normally have matches that just neerly miss out on UFC Fight Night Main cards. So we listed matches for possible fight night matches, then the ones we didn't use went to the UFC 87 undercard. Dweevs vs. Singer sounds random...but we are from PHX and we want Edwin to get a win.
3/8/08 2:04:05AM
A lot of guys are missing, Marquardt is the first that comes to mind. Tanner will be ready again by then. GSP vs. Serra will be over 90 days in the past so why wouldn't Fitch by headlining against GSP? Alessio Sakara, Cheick Kongo, Herring, Frank Mir. Sylvia & Arlovski if either are re-signed. Florian, Lauzon, Karo, Alves, Hamill, Edgar, Nir, Guida, Din Thomas, Pellegrino, Diaz & Gamburyan. Rich Franklin, Travis Lutter, Starnes, Quarry, Danzig, Bisping, Belcher, Doerksen, MacDonald, Maia, Herman, Stout, Clementi.

These are just some of the guys who are under contract and are not fighting in the previous 90 days of these events that you do not have among the 40 guys on your cards.
3/8/08 8:19:08AM
I doubt Hendo will move up weight again, i'd say he will be staying at Middleweight.
3/8/08 8:43:58AM
Good call on the fighters that are missing!!!

Could we see a few more fighters on the UFC main card, I would only be interested in the first two!!!

I would hope that Fedor is signed by then and he is fighting for the belt by then!!!

Also AA would be awesome!!!!

Get back to me when its all said and done, make your updated card!!!
3/8/08 12:00:56PM
Wait, I thought...what the hell was I thinking, your ight on the 90 days...for some reason I was thinking that the events in April wouldn't qualify...wow...three college kids in a study hall and we couldn't figure this out...yea, that negates the entire point. lol

Well, we aint in school for the academics thats for sure. Wrestlers unite to form half a brain. :)
3/9/08 4:51:18PM
i see matt hughes fighting in aug, but big daddy in july, i also see marquadt vs leites in july, slyvia vs kongo as well, as well as gonzaga vs eddie sanchez
3/11/08 12:25:42AM
I think Huerta will fight in MN since he attended college here and fights out of minneapolis
3/11/08 1:43:38AM
I can't wait to see whats next for Mir he has always been one of my favorite fighters and I would love to see The Crow back in action soon also.
3/11/08 2:02:15AM
UFC signed Gay-Hard?
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