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10/26/08 10:27:56AM
On a scale from 1-10. I give it a six. If the main event ended in a regular fashion even if it wasn't the most exciting fight i would have given it an 8 at the least, but the bad ending makes me give it a 6. Sherk vs. Griffin and Alves vs. Koscheck were great fights, but the way it ended leaves a sour taste in my mouth.
10/26/08 10:45:51AM
I think a 4 or 5 is fair.
At least we got some fireworks in the Santos/Werdum fight. And even though the Silva fight ended bad, it was still 100 times more exciting than the Bisping fight.

IMO, I thought the Sherk fight was a horrible decision. I thought the 2nd two rounds were easily in Griffin's favor, and the 1st round was close. But, I guess that's why I hate when fights go to a decision. I was upset that Sherk did not push the pace. Every time he would throw a combo and have Griffin backing up and covering, Sherk would lay off and go back to the center of the ring.

Alves is tough, but he probably won't fight again for almost a year since they are giving the title shot to Penn.
10/26/08 10:47:05AM
I'd give it an 8/8.5.

I really enjoyed it.

Sherk looked very impressive to me and dominated a fighter that a lot of people were sure would beat him.

I've never seen Kos get rocked like he did by Alves, or struggle to get the TD like he did. The Pitbull is a beast and will be a worthy test for GSP although i think he might have to fight somebody like Fith/Sanchez while he waits for St Pierre.

Dos Santos' KO was immense and new blood in the HW division is always welcome imo.

Maynard also came off with an impressive win for me. It's hard to look good against a crafty veteran like Clementi, but gray used his wrestling well to hold positions and keep the fight where he wanted it whilst also avoiding a lot of sub attemps from Rich.

The main event was marred by a horrible injury, but was enjoyable up until that point.

On the whole it was a good card card of fights imo.

10/26/08 10:57:12AM
I'd give it a seven. Spencer pulling submission of the night, as others have said The Santos upset was simply fire works. Baring the Kos-Thiago fight (i knew i should have switched my pick last minute) all my decisions went exactly how i thought with Sherk getting the UD, Maynard getting the UD, and Franca getting the UD (even thought i went S/D lol) I was surprised that Sell took this one by decision no less. I really want to skim that fight in fast forward to see that... must have been a snoozefest.
10/26/08 11:22:31AM
The Sherk fight was the best one. Werdum getting beat was a nice suprise but Maynoards human blanket and Cote's injury brought it down
10/26/08 11:23:29AM
I'd give it an 8. Despite all the decisions it was exciting. Sherk/Griffin was awesome as well as Alves/Kos. Great card with an unfortunate ending.
10/26/08 11:41:10AM
7.5 out of 10. Really solid card throughout with some good entertaining fights. If it wasnt for the ending of the main event it could of got an 8. Still feel really bad for cote, the man looked broken when he realised he couldnt go on.
10/26/08 11:43:20AM
9/10 Really shocking and fun plus it had a lot of my guys on it (Clementi, Silva, Alves)
10/26/08 12:26:12PM
8 out of 10 for me. All the fights shown were exciting, and a pleasure to watch except for Silva vs Cote and Maynard vs Clementi of course.
10/26/08 1:22:03PM

Posted by gfp2

but Maynoards human blanket and Cote's injury brought it down

Huh? What was wrong with the Maynard fight? He had some great takedowns. It wasn't a LnP job either. You've gotta credit Clementi with his ground control from the back, and inventive escapes. Maynard was working every chance he got.
10/26/08 1:26:23PM

Posted by bojangalz

Posted by gfp2

but Maynoards human blanket and Cote's injury brought it down

Huh? What was wrong with the Maynard fight? He had some great takedowns. It wasn't a LnP job either. You've gotta credit Clementi with his ground control from the back, and inventive escapes. Maynard was working every chance he got.

If you don't want to be on the bottom the whole fight, learn to wrestle better
10/26/08 1:57:27PM

I give the night a strong 8.....I don't mind fights going to decision, however the Main event is to me what killed it from peeking, I think it was very non-aggressive on Siva's part and I didn't watch it for free to see that!!
10/26/08 3:52:49PM
I think I've been a little spoiled, because I think the last three events have been a little lackluster compared to some of the previous events. I give it a 6.5.
The matchups were really good, and the fights were good, but for some reason, it just hasn't been AS enjoyable for me as previous ones. I don't know why. I've been watching MMA since the 1990's. I never miss an event, whether its the UFC, WEC, Pride (before Zuffa bought them), Elite, IFL (before Zuffa bought them), Strikeforce, you name it, I don't miss it. But for some reason, I haven't enjoyed the last couple events as much as I should. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the fights, but just not as much as I usually do. Maybe I'm depressed, I don't know. Ok, I'm not depressed, maybe its spending so much money? No, that's not it. Oh, well, I know on November 15th, things should be returned to normal. Also, the WEC event coming up should be great as well.
Please pray for me.... (just kidding)
10/26/08 3:58:04PM
8.5 it might have been a ten if cote wasn't injured, but what can ya do. Alves/kos was one of the best ive seen in a while. and sherk vs tyson was fun
10/26/08 3:58:42PM
i had a good time ill give it 8
10/27/08 12:39:05PM
Besides the ending, I thought it was a good card. They barely swung at each other in 2 rounds. Pretty boring fight.
10/28/08 12:12:39AM
8 It was a solid card for MMA and other than the main event being disappointing, it was a great card
10/28/08 12:17:30AM
if you take out the Anderson Silva fight i would give it a 9

-Sherk vs Griffin was just an amazing fight with such a high pace and intense actio
-Werdum provided the upset of the night in devastating fashion
-Alves showed us that his TD defense has greatly improved and that he is the biggest threat to GSP right now. not to mention how leg kicks can impact a fight
-Clementi vs Maynard was a very technical ground battle that had me intensely studying each fighter's movements.
10/28/08 2:58:48AM
7 for average...

the Sherk fight was good... the two main fights were disappointing.

Pitbull won like i thought... but i was expecting it to have a finish.

The Silva fight was horrible.. I really don't think that Silva took Cote seriously. Instead of just finishing it in the first he decided to play a round in a few rounds and it bit him in the ass.

basically Dana needs to put REAL competition and it seems the only place he's going to find it is in the light heavy weight division - lets be real Silva will run though GSP.
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