Why all the Rashad hate?

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9/7/08 8:48:29PM

Posted by NinjaCyborg

Posted by Aether

it really wasn't necessary to make another thread, there are already like 3 of them discussing the same thing in this section of the forums. The reason people are "hating" on him is because of the way that he fought before the KO occurred. I'm not going to reiterate what I've said in the other threads, I'll just say that it's not all about the result of the fight, it's about how the entire fight goes down.

I disagree. It's all about the result of the fight. By any means necessary.
Rashad patiently waited for his moment to strike. That makes him a wise fighter. If you want to see guys swing wildly and fight balls to the walls, go to a bar and watch bar brawls.
Rashad looked amazing during the entire fight. (And I picked Liddell to win.)

Smart guy. Took the words I was gonna say.
9/7/08 10:45:34PM
This whole thing is just getting stupid. Rashad won, what is the big deal? Get over it. The people that supported Rashad... get over it!

This is unbelievably childish and I am tired of dishing out warnings and deleting all this bullshit.

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