Rashad Evens super kick?

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POLL: Describe Rashad Evans' super kick in one word.
sickening 0% (0)
awesome 15% (3)
devastating 55% (11)
victorious 0% (0)
monstrous 10% (2)
beastly 20% (4)
1/29/07 5:33:41PM
describe it in one word
1/29/07 8:12:00PM
That was the 2nd most devestating kick i have ever seen
saw the first in pride forget the fight though
go rashad
and diego
and griffin
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1/29/07 9:03:52PM
Yeah it was a sweet kick

1/30/07 3:32:00AM
that was one rough kick. So long to long division for Salmon.
2/1/07 11:03:01PM
2/1/07 11:11:40PM
DEVASTATING kick! Can't believe how hard Salmon's head hits the canvas seeing it in slow-mo there. Ridiculous!
2/2/07 2:49:42AM
I've already started using the phrase in my everday speech "Salmon'd". Try it out some time, here's some examples:

Crap, I set the microwave timer too long, my popcon got Salmon'd

Man, did you see that car just got hit by a 16-wheeler? That poor Hyundai got Salmon'd

I had to go so bad that when I farted my undies got slightly Salmon'd.

Ok, that's awful, I'm sorry. Ya gotta give the guy props for coming out of the blue to step into the ring with a potential LHW contender. And, to Salmon's credit, he did take Rashad down twice... he just didn't have the GnP + aggression to finish it there.
2/2/07 7:39:44AM

Posted by -NewBreed-

DEVASTATING kick! Can't believe how hard Salmon's head hits the canvas seeing it in slow-mo there. Ridiculous!

Quinton Jackson is gay gooooooooo Chuck and Evans and Griffin Horray
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2/2/07 8:10:17AM
Definitely one of the most devastating kicks I've seen.

Salmon just got quarry'd!
2/2/07 12:08:26PM

Salmon just got Quarry'd.

2/2/07 12:35:26PM
Oh damn seeing it in slow mo, makes it look more painful. Salmon was sleeping before he hit the canvas!
2/2/07 5:20:50PM
hilarious, dude!
2/2/07 5:21:54PM

Posted by FLAMarlins35

hilarious, dude!

what is hilarious DUDE
2/5/07 9:49:24PM
2/6/07 2:11:18PM

Posted by mmadb


Salmon just got Quarry'd.


No Quarry'd is when you get KTFO by a punch (PS Nate is cool so we should call it LEBEN'D .
Hm Salmon'd just doesnt seem right.
Besides Tim Sylvias Kick over Tra was great just cuz there was 1 sec left in round.
We could call it a Trauma Telegram get it? Tra Telligman?? Okay .
2/6/07 2:21:08PM
I am actually in the process of posting the Trauma Telegram on Youtube. i will post the link here in one sec.
2/8/07 6:05:19PM
It was devastating! I was saying all throght the fight, Rashad should throw a RHK its open. I seen him trying throughout the fight and Salmon never caught onto it and he went to sleep.
7/6/07 12:36:00PM
I hope Rashad does the same thing to Tito.
7/6/07 1:33:45PM
It was a good kick against a noname opponent that is given far to much credit. It's great to see a fighter's popularity grow from a fight, but this is almost sad, as people now suddenly think he's some sort of amazing striker as evidence in the multiple "Rashad Vs. Tito" threads on this forum alone. It's also blatantly obvious that many people here are new fans of the sport, as many greater kicks have come and gone, and are now forgotten.

Here are some headkick KO's done from talented fighters to actual opponents:

Gary Goodridge Vs. Don Frye
Gilbert Yvel Vs. Gary Goodridge
Yuki Kondo Vs. Frank Shamrock
Pat Militech Vs. Shonie Carter
Pete Williams Vs. Mark Coleman
Yves Edwards Vs. Josh Thompson
Tim Sylvia Vs. Tra Telligman
Mirko Filipovic Vs. Igor Vovchanchyn, Dos Caras Jr, Aleksander Enelianenko, Wanderlei Silva, etc...

...just to name a few
7/6/07 2:32:53PM

Posted by Infused

Yeah it was a sweet kick

It's all meant in good fun, but doesn't Salmon look like he's gives a big bow to the crowd before he hits the ground? Makes me laugh every time I see it...
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