Rashad Evans Not Yet Told of Possible UFC 107 Fight Postponement

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9/8/09 9:23:12AM
Rashad Evans has yet to be officially informed that his UFC 107 main-event matchup with Quinton "Rampage" Jackson has been scrapped, according to his manager, Jervis Cole.

FanHouse contacted Cole on Saturday to find out whether the ex-UFC light-heavyweight champion had been informed of any change in scheduling. As of yesterday afternoon, he had not.

9/8/09 12:33:39PM
The UFC keeps bending over backwards for rampage, giving him the fights he wants, when he wants them and where and they are promoting the SH!T out of him and now he tells them after all that they have done for him that nah he don't want to do the fight now, but maybe somtime in the future. I am growing awfully tired of rampage's antics, from him running his mouth which makes him look a fool and he is showing ho selfish he is buy not wanting to honor his obligations with the UFC. First the UFC gives him his title shot that he has been growning about, but now all of a sudden that isn't as important as whopping Rashad's a**, because he hates the guy so much. So once again the UFC does what rampage wants and put him on TUF as a coach so he can get exposure for the fight which I believe he gets a percentage of the ppv buys so the TUF show just benefits him that much more(and from the looks of it the UFC has spent quite a bit in advertisment for the show/fight). Then to top it off with a cherry for rampage, Dana brings the UFC event that he was to fight on to his hometown of Memphis, Tennesse. Now that taping is over or almost over rampage wants to do something else again and to me the is a big F U to the UFC. I think if the bout agreements have been signed the UFC should tell rampage tough S#!% and make him hold up on his obligations. If rampage pulls out of the fight Rashad will have a field day with this and I hope he trashes rampage and puts it out there that he was afraid to fight him and now he is trying to duck him. Also, why isn't rampage in prison for his hit n runs, police chase and resisting arrest???? I thought they were bringing him up on two felony charges, anybody know what happened with all that?
9/8/09 2:13:51PM
are we going to see some hughes/serra BS.

So over this crap....
9/8/09 2:48:10PM
What's even more messed up is isn't the reason they're doing this event in Memphis is cuz it's Rampage's hometown?

And while I like both of them and think on paper Rampage could KO Rashad if he stands and bangs with him, now I can see Rashad winning and Rampage using the "I was off too long in between fights" as an excuse like he did last time he coached on TUF...and lost.
9/8/09 8:26:59PM
why even go to memphis now??

i say stick with penn vs sanchez
co main it with mir vs kongo

keep evans for year end in vegas vs i predict thiago silva !!!! or rich franklin
9/8/09 10:22:34PM
Man I hope to hell that Page is still planning on fighing Rashad! If he KO's Sugar he LAUNCHES himself into title contention!
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