Rashad Evans Targeting December Return in UFC Light Heavyweight Division

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9/1/12 2:20:53PM
Former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans hopes to fight again before the end of the year, and unless something miraculous happens, it will be at 205 pounds.

Evans has commented recently that he would love a challenge like facing UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, which prompted everyone to assume that the former Ultimate Fighter winner might be contemplating a move down to 185 pounds.

Well, according to Evans’ manager, Glenn Robinson of Authentic Sports Management, he’s definitely interested in middleweight, but only for one fight.

9/1/12 2:24:12PM
Maybe Sonnen?
9/1/12 3:18:30PM

Posted by Budgellism

Maybe Sonnen?

thats a nice match
9/1/12 3:48:41PM
Yeah, I'd watch either Silva or Sonnen, definitely.

Silva's a scary opponent for anyone, especially Rashad who tends to struggle against technical strikers and counterattackers. Rashad can use his speed and overall MMA game to beat the brawlers and sluggers, no doubt.

His biggest challenge on Anderson would be maintaining pressure. Rashad gets tentative after eating a few solid shots, and the worst thing anyone can do to Silva (besides insulting his family or country) is let him plant his feet, control the range, and figure out the optimal attack. So Rashad would have to use his excellent MMA wrestling and timing, mixing it up enough on the feet to keep Silva honest while generally doing the most damage on the ground.

Sonnen would be a great fight - speed against experience. Sonnen's aggressive enough to keep Rashad from fighting a safe, boring fight, and Rashad's diverse enough to make Sonnen earn everything he'd get.

And on that note, I'd watch Rashad against Weidman, too. Now that could be a hell of a fight.
9/1/12 4:02:03PM
Sonnen is fighting griffin at 155
Rumor is Evans will be on the card as well
I'm gonna guess and say him vs Brandon vera

He has fought a who's who of MMA

Only guys left to face is shogun and Alexander
He really should drop to 185. A lot of exciting fights for him

Unless they screw hendo and have him fight Evans with machida getting next title shot

205 is getting shallow. Beside texeira and manuwa they need to sign 205 talent
9/1/12 5:07:34PM
Rumor is that Griffin fight isn't going to happen.
9/1/12 5:16:51PM
I wanted to see the Griffin fight.
9/2/12 1:52:56AM
Bring it!
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9/2/12 2:52:02AM

Posted by Budgellism

Maybe Sonnen?

I would luv that!!
9/2/12 3:42:50AM
I'm guessing its Silva.

When someone says "I'll go to X weight class but only for one fight" its usually safe to assume they are talking about the champion.
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