UFC 96: Rashad Evans vs Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson

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1/14/09 2:31:14PM
MMAmania.com can confirm that a main event title fight between newly crowned UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans (13-0-1) and former 205-pound kingpin Quinton Jackson (29-7) could be added to the UFC 96 card at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, on March 7.

Perhaps the only thing currently standing in the way is time — both fighters face relatively tight turnarounds (nine weeks) since their most recent winning performances at UFC 92: “The Ultimate 2008? on Dec. 27.

1/14/09 2:32:16PM
I. Would. Be. Pumped.

1/14/09 2:35:31PM
I'd love to see this fight. One thing I have noticed, if you beat Rashad early, and hurt him, he will stay more tentative, Chuck and Forrest coulden't hurt him and he just kept gaining confidence, tito seemed to keep it on him and he didn't get settled in and do all the things he was able to do against the other big guns.
1/14/09 2:50:45PM
greg jackson said it himself that rashad is a slow starter... I'd be very interested to see what rashad/jackson will have in store for rampage. Rampage does not start slowly and has dangerous power which is a something which rashad's opponents have lacked. I've always knocked on rashad's competition and I still think that forrest has been his only decent test. He'll certainly have his hands full in that matchup and if rashad can walk through rampage then I would definately be willing to rank rashad on my lhw rankings.
1/14/09 4:14:57PM
I want it at UFC 97 in Montreal instead !!

1/14/09 4:17:22PM
This would definitley solve the problem that is the main event for 96.
1/14/09 4:37:51PM
I am definitely looking forward to this fight. I think it will be the runner up for fight of the year.
1/14/09 4:45:32PM

Posted by tuvok500

I want it at UFC 97 in Montreal instead !!

you guys already get Silva vs Leites and it sounds like maybe Brock vs Mir...plus Jardine vs Cane

stop being greedy!! haha
1/14/09 5:04:32PM
awesome, ufc 100 was way too long of a wait for this fight. great job by the ufc for solving the main event problem, but was there any doubt that they would deliver?
1/14/09 5:11:40PM

An employee from the UFC has already stated this rumor is untrue. I assure you we are on it, though. As soon as we CONFIRM something (!), we'll definitely get it posted!!

From a Junkie staff member.

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