Rashad Evans Offers a Little Friendly Advice for 'King' Mo Lawal

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4/3/12 12:14:27AM
Former UFC light heavyweight champ Rashad Evans was sad to see Mo Lawal’s situation go from bad to worse this past week, he told MMA Fighting. The two are colleagues in the fight game, but they’re also friends, which made it hard to watch as Lawal was released from his Strikeforce contract shortly after being fined and suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission on Tuesday.

"It’s unfortunate, man. Mo’s probably one of the best guys I’ve ever met in the sport, and even outside of the sport," said Evans. "He’s so much different than the character, or what he comes across as. People get the wrong take on Mo."

The way Evans sees it, many people fail to see the distinction between the real Lawal and the "King Mo" persona he’s adopted for the purposes of a little pre-fight entertainment. What they don’t realize is that, whether on Twitter or in person, they’re getting a much more genuine response than they get from many other fighters.

Sometimes, however, that’s a personality trait that comes with certain consequences.

4/3/12 9:10:53AM
When keeping it real, goes wrong.
4/3/12 11:03:17PM
in other words, Mo is a Blackzillian
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