Rashad Evans vs. Kevin Randelman

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1/3/09 6:59:09PM
who do you guys got in this one if it ever went down?...... i might have to go with randelman in this one. tough one to call
1/3/09 7:02:11PM
they could even put randelman on the colombus, oh. card and put him up against jardine or chuck would be a good move
1/3/09 9:22:24PM
Tough to call, but Rashad is on a roll right now. Would still love to see it.
1/3/09 9:23:47PM
The US has drug testing, maybe they could fight in Japan ?
1/3/09 9:46:14PM
baring a TKO due to slipping on pipes i have randleman
1/3/09 9:52:03PM
Randleman by better wardrobe

btw why isn't Randleman/Wuiff Sengoku fight on the playground
1/3/09 10:02:35PM
Randleman would get absolutely raped.
1/3/09 10:23:45PM
If Randleman is in his prime & it happens in Japan he takes it.

But right now, he doesnt stand a chance.

1/3/09 10:40:42PM
They'd be the same if it weren't for Randleman's carelessness. He'll be doing fine and then lose his composure and get caught.
1/3/09 11:13:49PM
It would be interesting to see someone who would actually use wrestling against him, besides Tito, and could hold him down. I'd be interested to see what BJJ skills Rashad has to offer. I know Rashad has improved a ton since the Salmon fight, but he was able to neutralize him for a while...and Randleman is on a completely different level of wrestling ability.
1/4/09 12:25:40AM
randleman by first rd ko ofcoase

its not even a fair fight
1/4/09 6:41:14AM

Posted by gsquat

They'd be the same if it weren't for Randleman's carelessness. He'll be doing fine and then lose his composure and get caught.

with a kimora IMO
1/4/09 6:49:15AM
Anything is possible with Randleman's power, but I would expect it to end with Randleman getting Ko'd.
1/4/09 1:27:57PM
I think that Evans would put him down. Randleman is a reckless fighter and I think that Rashad would exploit that and drop him.
1/4/09 7:13:23PM
I would take Evans by KO.
1/4/09 7:16:40PM
Go Rashad, Rashad, by RD 2 TKO.
1/5/09 4:43:42AM
What kind of camparison is that?
Rashad hand down.
Hopefully Randelman comes out alive.

1/5/09 4:07:37PM
Randleman if the fight is in japan i dont think Rashad could stop his takedown tbh and that power is just immense

Randleman to UFC in 2009 (but they gotta let him use his "Supplements") or the deals off
1/5/09 4:22:56PM
It would end like Rampage vs. Randleman did.
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