Rashad Evans: ‘I don’t have time to worry about Rampage’

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12/12/09 6:24:31AM
Lost in the shuffle of Quinton Jackson’s recent announcement regarding his return to the UFC has been newfound nemesis Rashad Evans’ opinion on the situation. While “Rampage” made it clear his motivation in coming back to the Octagon after a brief retirement related in part to his desire to “shut Rashad’s mouth up”, his TUF 10 coaching rival took a less aggressive route when responding to the issue via his Twitter page.

A lot of people ask me everyday how I feel about Rampage (returning to) the UFC and I never answer. But I don’t answer because I have another opponent and Rampage is not on my mind! I fight Thiago Silva January 2nd and I have my hands full enough with him, so I don’t have time to worry about Rampage. When and if the fight happens it’s gonna be a great fight! But until we sign the fight contract I’m not gonna think about him or the fight!

12/12/09 5:26:28PM
Gotta say I love the attitude, he could easily pull off the win with Thiago too IMO.
12/12/09 6:59:09PM
Im not a rashad fan at all but i really respect his mentality leading up to a fight, he truly is focused only on the guy in front of him. too many fighters get focused on the rematch they want or getting a title shot and they forget how dangerous the guy in front of them is.
12/12/09 6:59:21PM
IMO its going to be a tougher fight then people think thiago has devastating power but i think rashad will win too as long as he keeps his head on straight but it will be an awesome fight
12/13/09 3:55:21PM
That's such crap. He's lying if he says he isn't thinking about Rampage.
12/14/09 1:37:31AM
I gained quite a lot of respect for Rashad over the course of this season of TUF. I used to really despise him and his in-ring antics, but getting to see more of his personality warmed me to him.

That being said, I still think he had a pretty fortunate road to his belt, and I think Rampage will beat him fairly easily if they fight.
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