Rashad Evans Decides Against Training at One Specific Gym for Jon Jones Fight

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4/14/11 8:36:04AM
Instead of joining a new camp, Rashad Evans has decided to train in several different locations in preparation for his light heavyweight title fight against Jon Jones.

Glenn Robinson, Evans manager at Authentic Sports Management, confirmed with MMA Fighting on Wednesday that "Suga" is "not going to train at one specific place" for the Jones fight.

"(Evans) is going to do a private training camp headed by Coach (Mike) Van Arsdale," Robinson said.

Robinson added that Evans' camp will officially kick off in "a couple of weeks," while the light heavyweight showdown between the former training partners is still scheduled to take place in late September or early October.

4/14/11 10:22:17AM
I really hope Rashad has something new to bring to the table against Jones so we can really see what Jones got when things aint going his way.
4/14/11 12:04:29PM
I think he's being very smart.
I suggest he make an advance appointment with a plastic surgeon as well.
4/14/11 12:52:18PM
I think this is going to be more and more common as the super camp idea becomes more and more of a problem.
4/15/11 4:30:35AM
Rashad is already starting out with a bad plan! Grudge is where he needs to be, they have trained him solely for his last 3 fights, so that is where he should stay. Everyone keeps refering to Grudge as an affiliate of team jackson first and not it's own facility first, he probably wants to detach himself from that "Jackson" name. Rashad has done very well with Grudge and they have done wonders with his cardio while training at the higher altitude. Evans is going to need that cardio in his fight with Jones because if Evans faulters any Jones will exploit it. I know there is a ton of hate for Rashad on here, but I think he can do decent against Jones as long as he can overcome the massive reach advantage that Jones has. The reach will be the most important thing Evans needs to concentrate on because he is one of the shortest LHW. I think Evans speed and wrestling could give Jones fits and if Evans gets on the inside of Jones reach he does have solid punches. Now Jones seems to have every intangable a fighter needs on lock down (except for maybe fighting off his back, but who knows if we will ever see that situation anyways, but if anyone could put him on his back in the LHW it would be Evans wrestling) so this should be a much better and closer fight then everyone imagines. These are my two favorite LHW so I will be conflicted on who to pick, but if Rashad is traveling around every couple weeks with different camps he wont be doing himself any favors and tire himself out with all the travel. Ethier way I will be throwin down some serious scratch on Rashad because the odds will be sick with Evans being atleast a 5:1 underdog.
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