Rashad Evans vs. Chael Sonnen set for UFC 167 at light heavyweight

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9/4/13 6:22:20PM
A recently rumored fight between former champion Rashad Evans and three-time UFC title challenger Chael Sonnen is now set for UFC 167.

9/4/13 6:25:03PM
Good fight I see Rashad winning this one but shit I've been wrong a lot lately so I wont count on it.
9/4/13 6:27:43PM
Holly shit Chael is actually trying to earn his second title shot at Jon Jones
9/4/13 7:42:17PM
I've got Rashad by UD. Should be an interesting fight either way.
9/4/13 9:15:12PM
Well I never thought Chael could beat Shogun without getting hit.. So Chael by destruction???
9/4/13 10:33:17PM
Rashad UD all day. maybe even a finish

i like chael, but rashad isn't someone he is that much better at wrestling than. IF he's even better
9/4/13 10:53:57PM
wow that card looks like 70 minutes of fight in those 4 fights listed
9/4/13 11:06:17PM
Good co main event
9/4/13 11:47:11PM
Tough fight for Chael, but there isn't a title on the line so it's hard to go against the American gangster.
9/5/13 12:42:49AM
Chael has really excelled against fighters with minimal wrestling backgrounds. It'll be nteresting to see how he handles someone with a solid collegiate career behind him.
9/5/13 1:47:11AM
again...Phil Davis getting shafted
9/5/13 11:53:37AM
I like the match up. I didnt think Chael had a chance in hell against Shogun. I think Chael dominates Evans. Mark it down.