Rashad Evans Can Beat Anderson Silva

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1/23/13 12:40:36AM
It would be a tremendous honor to have held the belt in two different division and also to beat Anderson Silva. I get excited every time I get a chance to watch him fight. When my career is said and done, i want to say I competed against some of the best guys in history. Fighting Anderson Silva is something for me, to say I went against the best ever. Fighting against that guy and beating that guy, because I do believe I can defeat Anderson Silva.

1/23/13 12:46:38AM
Rashad would KTFOed!
1/23/13 1:33:19AM

Posted by jae_1833

Rashad would KTFOed!

I imagine most who face Anderson would meet the same fate, and I certainly wouldn't bet on Evans but I think he has a much better chance of beating Silva than he does of ever beating Jones.
1/23/13 1:45:51AM

I'm sure some people think they can beat Silva. But it shouldn't be a topic as Rashad hasn't earned a shot or has any plans to drop down to 185. Yet, people keep asking him about it.
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1/23/13 7:19:00AM
Rashad has a shot.
1/23/13 8:57:30AM
Rashad hasnt earned a shot and he has no shot. I would still like to see him drop to 185
1/23/13 9:17:07AM
Evans has better striking and more power than Chael (who dropped Anderson twice in their first fight), has about equal MMA wrestling but has a quicker shot. I'd give Evans more of a chance than almost anyone else
1/23/13 9:30:51AM
Rashad has a shot, but I would likely pick Silva. Assuming he returns from his injury at top form with no rust, I still think Wiedman has the best shot. I'm not saying he would win, but I think he has the best shot out their among the 185#s based on his style.
1/23/13 9:47:19AM
If rashad fought with a primary wrestling offense I could see him winning.

However if he were to try and trade he would surely be knocked out by a counter
1/23/13 10:36:12AM
Call me crazy but I think Evans wins this fight. Shit i'll even AV bet someone on it if Rashad makes the drop to MW and gets a shot at Anderson.
1/23/13 11:02:25AM

Posted by sparky

Call me crazy but I think Evans wins this fight. Shit i'll even AV bet someone on it if Rashad makes the drop to MW and gets a shot at Anderson.

You're crazy and I got dibs if he drops.
1/23/13 11:24:58AM
Evans wins this fight.
1/23/13 2:01:21PM

Posted by Theoutlaw08

Rashad hasnt earned a shot and he has no shot. I would still like to see him drop to 185

Since when do fighters need to earn a shot at a title ?

Nick Diaz hasn't. Neither has Weidman - should he get the nod.
1/23/13 3:18:35PM
i think rashad should move down. i think he could bring a serious challenge to silva. IMO he could be the one to end silvas reign. unfortunately i dislike both fighters so this doesn't excite me as much as it should. oh well, it would be great for the fans.
1/23/13 5:08:58PM
I think Evans would have a better shot than most
But I do think he needs to face a 185 er like belfort
Or rockhold first Evans still has great 205 bouts ahead of him

Vs hendo
Vs shogun
Vs gulstallfsson
Vs machida rematch to name a few
1/23/13 6:41:36PM
Rashad would struggle to get a takedown for the exact same reason he wss shut out entirely by Machida. The distance between the hips of a Southpaw v. Orthodox fighter is much larger than righty v. righty. Chael took Andy down with a double leg, because Chael is a lefty. Rashad will have to shoot for single legs because of yhe distance. Andys success against singles is practically 100% in the Ufc and i cant think of a single quality lefty Rashad has ever taken down.

Point: Rashads wrestling is nowhere near as "good" as Chaels for going against Anderson.
1/23/13 10:28:50PM
But Rashad could easily switch his stance. In wrestling, orthodox is right foot forward (southpaw.) So he's used to that too.

He only stands righty in MMA for striking.

I still think he'd lose though.
1/24/13 10:40:32PM
Rashad isn't as strong or as big as Chael, not the same style of wrestling
1/25/13 5:49:51AM
When will you guy's learn? NOBODY is capable of beating Silva. Not even Jon Jones.

I have seen Silva make too many good fighters look like idiots. Until I see that guy beaten I refuse to believe that it's possible.
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