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6/24/08 3:40:20PM
Hey everyone,

I recently got back into my mma classes and that reminded me how much i need a good rash guard. I was thinking of getting the Sinister ones, but does anyone have experience with Sinister? Are they good rash guards, price isnt a real issue because i would rather pay more to get the best when it comes to something like that.

Also anyone have any experience with thier grappling shorts, i got to admit i love thier urban camo ones, but again i want to make sure i get somehting that is A-1 quality.

Thanks in advance!
6/24/08 4:01:00PM
I just bought the Spartan Rash Guard, its inexpensive, no complaints with it and its supposedly got an antimicrobial coating on it to help reduce chance of staph and ringworm ect, up to 50 washes at least. Price doesn't always equate to quality but usually a good indicator. At any rate, everyone has they're own style and what they like so i'd say go with the sinister ones you are partial to. I like the SPRAWL Grip Flex Series myself. So again probably just a case of personal preference
6/26/08 9:13:57AM
Hayabusa fightwear is my number one personal choice, you pay for them, but for quality of material and comfort they are head and shoulders above anything else you will find. All of their products I've used are like that. Except maybe their shorts, it's hard to beat Inspirit there.
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