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1/19/08 6:37:17PM
penn, based on his performance tonight, will stroll through sherk. i always thought stevenson was a powerful wrestler, probebly not as good as sherk, but bj owned the wrestler tonight with too much ease. Sherk has no other tools other than his wrestling and takedowns to beat penn with. great fight on the way ... !!!!
1/19/08 6:40:45PM
Lol looks like most people wen't 4-5 or 5-4.
1/19/08 6:45:27PM
Looks like joining Chute Boxe worked well for Werdum
1/19/08 7:13:05PM
i let out such cries of victory when werdum that my neighbors came outside to see if everything was alright

even though he was thrown like a rag doll several times, and he has close to zero punching power, he still pulled through !!

+1 for pride!
1/19/08 7:17:31PM

I remeber when Rampage beat liddell I yelled so loud I woke my neighbors and the dude came out cussing and stuff in his underwear and my Fiancee's daughters,boyfriend just looked at him and laughed.He went back in his house and did nothing.P.s I'm getting drunk!
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