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1/19/08 12:35:25PM

i will post the result of each fight as soon as possible.

Per Eklund vs. Sam Stout = result Sam Stout UD

Paul Kelly vs. Paul Taylor = result Paul Kelly UD

James Lee vs. Alessio Sakara = result Alessio Sakara rd 1 TKO

Antoni Hardonk vs. Colin Robinson = result Antoni Hardonk rd 1 TKO

Jorge Rivera vs. Kendall Grove = result Jorge Rivera rd 1 TKO

Wilson Gouveia vs. Jason Lambert = result Wilson Gouveia rd 2 KO

Marcus Davis vs. Jess Liaudin = result Marcus Davis rd 1 KO

Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Fabricio Werdum = result Fabricio Werdum rd 2 TKO

B.J. Penn vs. Joe Stevenson = result BJ Penn rd 2 SUB

1/19/08 12:38:37PM
good cause i cant order it and i dont want to so this will be nice to know asap
1/19/08 2:28:25PM
Stout fight was boring , sucks Taylor lost too.
1/19/08 2:30:32PM
I am ashamed of James lee.
he went in with the right strategy but couldnt execute it. 1-1 so far with 11 points
1/19/08 2:32:17PM
im 2-1 now, but damn i just lost 300 of my parlay event wager, i had paul taylor winning, sucks, but o well
1/19/08 2:45:02PM
thank you hardonk, hopefully i'll do better on the main card
1/19/08 2:45:12PM
3-1 so far, hopefully I can keep this up.
1/19/08 2:47:25PM
Nice 4-0 for me so far, hope my luck keeps up
1/19/08 3:14:38PM
F*ck a duck. You got to be shitting me. This can't be real. 1-3? Thank God for Antoni Hardonk.


First off, who the hell is Paul Kelly?
How did Sakara do so good?

I just lost $800 already. COME ON JOE! YOU GOT TO WIN OR I LOSE ALL MY MONEY!!!!
1/19/08 3:17:25PM
Damnit...almost put my money on Rivera for the payday too.
1/19/08 3:20:21PM
Your ******* kidding me? 1-4? I heard Jorge was training extra hard but Kendall sounded determined. Dude, this is the worst PPV ever
1/19/08 3:22:12PM
4-1 so far and i put money on rivera. I just knew that he was going to hit kendall hard in the first.
1/19/08 3:24:30PM
this is going bad, i lost to much money, can i have a repick
1/19/08 3:25:29PM
2-3 on my end. Taylor, Robinson, and Grove all crapped out on me.
1/19/08 3:26:56PM
wow kendall lost??? goddamn, i did not see that one coming, right now im 3-2 but i have lost 400, damn, for the picks im not doing too bad, but i loosing all the money
1/19/08 3:27:17PM
man, i had a feeling about Rivera, but i couldnt pick against Kendall
1/19/08 3:28:46PM
3-2 so far, hopefully things start to work out better for me....Kendall looked absolutely horrible in that fight.
1/19/08 3:29:31PM
this was kendall's gimme fight to get him back on track.

Is there anybody worse the Jorge rivera in the Mw division?

Whos a step under him?

grove never gets my pick again, what a damn shame
1/19/08 3:38:07PM
Yes Wilson just KTFO Lambert!
1/19/08 3:39:52PM
Kendall has always had one of the worst chins out there. He is technically very sound but can lose to anyone who hits him in the head. I picked Rivera KO rnd 1
1/19/08 3:41:33PM
Wow, that was a huge punch.
1/19/08 3:43:29PM

omg yes, life is great. go wilson
1/19/08 3:45:21PM
NOO!!!! damn just ost some more and i am 3-3 right now, not looking good
1/19/08 3:46:30PM
I think i'm 1/6 now!!! WTF

I knew Lambert was going to crap it!! He lost to Evans bad, and that other guy has a decision against Jardine. I should have done the MMAth instead of following what everybody picked like a moron.

Werdum has to come through, so i can make some $$$
1/19/08 3:47:16PM
2-4 I hate life right now lol. Dammit Lambert!
1/19/08 3:49:36PM

Posted by Franklinfan47

2-4 I hate life right now lol. Dammit Lambert!

same here man, and the remaining fights are risky, i very well might go 2-7 with only 16 points and all my money gone
1/19/08 3:50:14PM
This is a night of KO's, 4 already!
1/19/08 3:52:14PM
Im not doing real hot either... sitting at 2-4 now...
I picked Kendall to win but wagered $170 on Rivera to win $629 so that is about my only good moment soo far..
1/19/08 3:54:18PM
Nooo lambert, there goes my parlay bet. Still 4-2, but that sucks.

On a side note, i didnt see the fight but with a win over lambert, Gouveia looks prime to start fighting the dregs of the top 10 lhws doesnt he? I think he is a guy that most people dont see as that good but i think he has earned a shot against a guy like Alexander or Sokoudjou.
1/19/08 3:55:34PM
Holy crap another short fight with Davis KOing Jess...awesome event so far.
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