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POLL: Who wins the 2 BIG fights?
BJ Penn and Gonzaga 60% (72)
Stevenson and Werdum 5% (6)
Stevenson and Gonzaga 18% (22)
BJ Penn and Werdum 17% (20)
1/19/08 3:41:05PM
1/19/08 3:51:15PM
man picks not lookin so good so far im 2-3. i changed to Lee at the last second that was def a mistake...
1/19/08 4:23:27PM
omg i changed three picks last night......and i'm kicking myself for it.
i know better than to second guess myself. this card is killin' me.
i'm 2-4 so far.

1/20/08 1:54:00AM
"Sean Sherk, YOUR'E DEAD"!!
1/20/08 12:46:52PM

Posted by RedCloud

"Sean Sherk, YOUR'E DEAD"!!

sherk WILL get owned by bj.
1/21/08 11:51:43AM
Dustin dont bag on changing picks last minute, somethings they come good, i nearly did and wish i had, mine was the oppsite as i was so close to changing to Sakara 1 ko but didnt

My terrible picks and wagers really spoilt this event for me, wish i could have just enjoyed the fights for what they were etc but all the time i was going 1-4 then 1-5 then 1-6 then 2-6 then 2-7 and it kinda ruined it yaknow

That was the craziest UFC in ages, maybe the best ever for pure excitment and finishes etc, 8 out of 9 fights shown and the only 1 that went the distance was surely FOTN, shame this crappy site ruined it for me, oh well
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