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4/18/08 12:49:55PM
I am curious to see your ranking (1 to 5) of the MMA organizations keeping in mind all of the different issues.
So give me your top 5 please,thx

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4/18/08 4:57:10PM
1. UFC
2. Proelite (include eliteXC, strike force)
3. Dream (if they keep it up)
4. Affliction/adrenaline MMA (having signed guys like sylvia, rothwell, lindland.....but could fall easily like M1-Global)
5. IFL......dont know how long they'll last though, dont think much longer.

Really when you think about it, there really isnt much competition for the UFC, Dream is targeting an audince who the UFC doesnt rely on, IFL cant really compete with the UFC, and it looks like it wont hold for much longer, so its comes down to the Proelite promotions, who are a threat based on their recent TV deal, aflliction and Adrenaline are starting Big, but may realize it isnt as easy, and take a fall just like M-1, their best shot is at doing Cross Promotion shows.

Although their is a dark horse whom could take all by surprise and rise to the top, that of course Would be YAMMA pit fighting
4/18/08 6:14:59PM
Elite XC-includes all that it controls

I don't rank Dream above WEC because we have only seen one card. I do think that it will be a better org. than WEC but need more events to rank it higher. I think Dream will be above Elite XC soon as well. I would not include the affliction org. yet because they have not even done an event yet. WEC will be 5th on my list as soon as more events are said and done with the bottom two.
I like the WEC for a couple of reasons. One is that they are on Versus and I get to watch MMA without buying a PPV. I also think they put on a pretty good show, the fights are generaly pretty good. Just my two cents.
4/18/08 7:26:29PM

4/18/08 11:25:09PM
1. UFC

Distant Second

2. Elite XC
3. WEC
4. Dream
5. IFL

I question ranking Adrenalin when they have'nt even had a show yet....... So I would rank King of the Cage ahead of them....

4/19/08 1:28:12AM
1.UFC(they only control 2 divs)
2. Dream(the control the LW div and have the majority of MW's, with HW's coming along)
3. ProElite(solid org but lack top 10 talent outside the few big stars they have)
4.WEC(decent talent with a few top MW's)
5. Adrenaline(two top 13 hw's, possibly building a super power with Dream)

I think Dream will start to take over after they have a few succesful show's, I can see them picking up Fedor, AA, and drawing any K-1 fighters they feel like, not to mention their already solid lineups in every div but LHW(UFC has that one until people start to jump ship). All in all I think Elite provides an american alternative to guys who don't want to fight in the UFC and I think Dream will probably conquer europe and asia as Pride once did with Adrenaline being mostly co-promotional or like BoDog with only a few shows. I just hope i'm right about my predictions. Oh and the UFC isn't going anywhere unless Dana starts treating stars like shit(he's only stifled a few careers while he's let others go their own ways).
4/19/08 2:00:21AM
It's somewhat hard to rank the orgs. after the UFC becuase of the fact they let alot of their fighters fight in other organizations. I guess it would be better to rank talent pools based on fighters that have signed with their promotion.
4/19/08 1:40:54PM
obviously UFC-80% of the best fighters in the world, nuff said
2. Dream-gets most of the fighters from k-1 heros and then some(and brings us back to the pride days......*tear*)
3. EliteXC-Has great fighters and fights, but trying to have Kimbo your poster boy and in all of your main events, isnt going to get me to watch the show
4. WEC-puts on good shows and has a great roster of the lighter weight fighters, still needs more exposure i think to be big
5. Adrenaline- looks like they are getting good fighters in, just need to see how it turns out.
4/20/08 1:49:57PM
1. UFC
2. Elite XC
3. WEC
4. Dream
5. IFL

I like WEC's shows better than Elite XC's and I also think that dream with rise above all but UFC..

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