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3/3/08 12:47:55PM
I have three suggestions for changes to the rankings system.

1. Introduce a 145lb ranking.

2. Boost the pickable rankings up to top 20.

3. Only allow a fighter to be selectable in a weight class if they have fought at that weight within a year.

Below are my arguments for each point:

1. Preety self explanetory really, lots of great fighters at 145...

2. The Divisons are getting deeper by the day, just look at light weight!!
Hell even heavyweights getting stacked, i can name 10 guys who are serious contenders for the 8, 9 & 10 spots each with only a whisper between them.

3. Take BJ as an example, i have the guy as top LW and no 2 WW even though its quite clear he wont be fighting at WW again anytime soon, probably wont even fight above 155 for the rest of his career.

Other examples of guys chogging up rankings in devisions were they shouldnt be are hendo, nick diaz & aoki.

Just think of it this way, take the top four middleweights: anderson, hendo, lindland and fhilo, any one of these guys is definetly top 15 lhw and arguably even top five yet only hendo is listed there as hes the only one to of fought at that weight.

Their needs to be some continuity, ever make every fighter that could make the weight available for selection in a division or only make someone available for selection in their correct divison or a divison they have fought at in the last year.

I appreciate the mods have it tough already without me adding to there work load but the ranking system is the best on the net as it actually lets the knowladgeable fans vote but it needs a tweek up as it has some holes in it and it doesnt seem to be getting the attention it deserves.

After all if the mods cant find the time to get the ranking system in top shape im sure there are lots of worthy posters on this board who would be happy to take mod status in exchange for getting it done.

3/3/08 12:58:25PM
Mods i just realised i have made this thread in the ufc/pride forum so if one of you wants to shift it to the game discussion forum then please feel free.
3/3/08 1:16:32PM
I wouldn't mind there being more guys to rank ... but think the results would look kind of funny once you get into the high teens. However, think this would be fine since people don't have to rank all spots for their votes to be counted.

As far as the Rankings go. I would prefer that fighters are only eligible for 1 weight class. I would say that they should only be eligible in the weight class they last fought in (just as a consistent rule).

I am indifferent at this point for the 145# division.
3/3/08 1:55:14PM
I would love to see more fighters to rank. 20 seems like a good number.
3/3/08 3:45:10PM
Lindland has competed in the lhw division... but yeah i agree that we should get it to top 15 or 20.
3/3/08 3:48:09PM
I thought I read once that rankings are weighted differently by member; is that true and if so how does it work?
3/3/08 3:57:37PM
It is, the better your win percentage is and how many picks youve made total are figured in too i believe.

Taking fedor off my ten drops him .09% . I have a big vote
3/5/08 10:18:40AM
So no Mods want to add their two cents on this then??
3/8/08 7:48:20PM

come on at least one mod comment

Svartorm help me out bro??
3/8/08 8:03:35PM
I agree with the point about fighters not being able to be ranked in a certain division if their not currently fighting there, but itd be hard to keep updated with all the fighters who fight in more than 1 division and change around alot nowdays. Hendos a good example, its hard to rank him becouse you dont know what weight hes going to be fighting at next. Ive got him ranked at MW at the moment, but if he moves back up ill take him out of the mw rankings and put him in the lhw ones.
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