with all these rankings everywhere!!! the ufc needs to make there own!!

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3/15/08 11:24:58AM
i see so many rankings on mma websites, it is nice to see at least everyone is in the same boat, i have my own i update every month or so, but i really would like to see the ufc make there own top5 or top 10 in each weight class, so the fans can see who are contenders or next in line for a title shot. i know dana said he might be making some, but it would be really helpful to have. it doesn't have to be all dana who makes them, he could have a vote from different websites like this one, or mmmamania also different magazines like tapout, fight!! or my favorite fightsport. there are so many ways of doing this, have the ufc count for half the votes, a quarter to sites/magazines ad maybe even a quarter to the fans to vote online for the ufc only rankings. i just hope in the future it happens

on a side note i am glad the pride dvd's are finally be put out according to mmamania.com it's about time!!!!!!!!
3/15/08 11:36:02AM
I remember Dana saying a while back that UFC probably would institute its own ranking system for fighters at some point down the road, just a question of when.
3/15/08 12:54:30PM
I see a lot of complaining when this does happen I really don't want it to happen for that reason there is way too much already
3/15/08 7:09:11PM
yeah this could turn out bad, fighters starts to complain more and more. oh i beat this guy and hes ranked higher than me. and shit like that.
3/15/08 8:10:31PM
Plus, there's no way the UFC would rank anyone outside of their organization above their own fighters? Fedor potentially above Randy? Not happening.
3/15/08 9:03:53PM
If they called them UFC rankings and didn't act like they were the only top 10's out there then I would support them.
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