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9/8/12 7:17:31PM
Rankings for research

This has been posted here before but if you havent seen it check it out.

Page 1 has 2001-2005
page 8 or so continues the rankings.

This will be useful if you want your mind blown about how guys were actually regarded back in the day and how their oponents were regarded.

Anderson was #1 WW in the world before Hughes took the crown back in 2001 and became #1 MW in the world before Rich was champ in 2004 for instance.

9/8/12 10:24:08PM
Seeing these rankings makes me want another PRIDE again. I miss having "what if" fights. It made the sport way more enticing.
9/11/12 9:37:43AM

at Elvis Sinosic being ranked in the top ten in 2001.
9/13/12 3:41:54PM
Dan Henderson was the #3 LHW in 2001. Wow, ot much has changed there.

Funny to see Anderson Silva in the WW rankings back then.
9/13/12 5:56:05PM
In 2003 BJ Penn was ranked #1 at WW and at LW at the same time.
9/13/12 8:43:08PM

Posted by bjj1605

at Elvis Sinosic being ranked in the top ten in 2001.

9/13/12 8:46:01PM
Someone send this to teh kingsmasher so he will shut up about Fedor only fighting cans!!!!!