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POLL: Which network has the best pregame crew?
CBS 30% (3)
FOX 40% (4)
NBC 0% (0)
ESPN 30% (3)
10/28/07 10:58:52AM
I am a big fan of the NFL, and I decided to rank the crews that each network has on their pregame shows. I don't think this is even close, but I'm gonna let you guys vote. Here are the rosters:

James Brown (host), Dan Marino, Boomer Esiason, Shannon Sharpe, Bill Cowher

Curt Menefee (host), Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, Jimmy Johnson, Frank Caliendo

Bob Costas (host), Chris Collinsworth, Jerome Bettis, Tiki Barber

Chris Berman (host), Mike Ditka, Michael Irvin, Tom Jackson, Ron Jaworski
10/28/07 11:02:37AM
CBS easy !!!

10/28/07 1:26:56PM
Yeah, I thought it was obvious, too...
10/28/07 6:00:07PM
I would go with CBS but they are all mind numbing to me I really can't stand Cower sittin there smiling just an ad for his next job. I next time he talks down about someone will be the first time. I would like to see more non football guys the players don't want to make their friends mad and the coaches don't want to make any owners mad for fear of burning a job offer.
10/28/07 7:41:29PM
I went with ESPN. Chris Berman does the best highlight commentary. "He dodges a defender, WOOP!, he cuts upfield and jukes another, WOOP!" lol And Tom Jackson and Ron Jaworski are probably the two most informative commentators out there.

Fox came in a close second for me though...They put more of a fun spin on things. With Caliendo and Bradshaw's usually good for a few laughs.
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