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POLL: Rank these beasts accordingly
Lesnar 43% (24)
Carwin 7% (4)
Velasquez 50% (28)
8/18/08 4:41:31PM
There are 3 new guys adding life to the heavyweight division.

Cain Velasquez
Brock Lesnar
Shane Carwin

They are all undeafeated save for a loss controverial one as well, for Brock Lesnar, and they all look like they would be tough for anyone Fedor included to handle. Not saying they would beat him, but they would give him trouble. How do you rank these guys. And honestly at this point its all speculation cause they are way early in their careers. Me personally Im going with Shane Carwin. Hes had the most fights, and I think has won in the first round in all of them. His knockout in his last fight, Wow.
8/18/08 5:28:53PM
Velasquez #1 on your list then


8/18/08 5:40:20PM
Skills wise i woukld go with the way yiou have them in the post Cain, Lesnar, Carwin. I wopuld have to say Lesnar for most improved. His fight with Herring was a onesided ass whooping against a top guy. I have said it many times i would love to see Velasquez vs. Lesnar
8/18/08 5:55:43PM
Damn no love for Carwin. All hes done is dominate, albeit against inferior compitition. I hope he starts getting some first rate fights. I know hes new to this, but hes already in his mid 30's. Fighting Neil Wain, what is that gonna tell us about him.
8/18/08 7:03:04PM
Cain is the most well rounded and has the most potential, and is pretty young still, he gets my vote.

Lesnar will have the 2nd most success, because dominant wrreslters witht eh speed and strength that he has, always will do decent in this sport.

Carwin is tough and has impressive stand-up...but I dont see him being on the level of the other 2...
8/18/08 7:27:26PM
Interesting question.
I'd have to say Cain is number one of those three. He is the most polished of the three and he is very powerful (probably one of the few guys who might be able to compete with lesnar's strength). In his last fight, he destroyed jake o'brien in a quick tko. I think he will continue to rise to the challenge, and someday soon compete for the title.
Lesnar comes in at number two. He is soo fast for his size and strength. Also, he is only going to improve. This is a guy who has had success throughout his life, in various stages of various sports. If this is what he is dedicating himself to now, he's going to succeed, and may someday compete for the title. I'm not as sure about him as I am of Cain.
Carwin comes in third, but only because the other two are well on their way already. I don't know too much about him, because he hasn't fought much tough competition. I do think that he should be fighting someone tougher in his upcoming fight. He knows how to finish fights, something that should be welcomed by a heavyweight. He can't be ignored for too long, so i bet we'll see more exciting match-ups for him in the near future.
8/18/08 9:25:33PM
1- Shane Carwin- He's the most complete fighter out of the three. He also has great size for a HW. I can't wait to see more of this guy.

2- Cain Velazquez- His GnP looks outstanding, and he's knows how to go for the kill. He's a tad undersized though.

3- Brock Lesnar- His wrestling and strength are amazing, as well as having super-heavy hands. I still question his sub defense, and while he caught Heath with that right hand (I still don't know how Heath didn't see it coming) I thought his standup looked sloppy. I don't think either of the other two would have gotten caught by Mir.
8/18/08 9:27:56PM
All three are off to a good start, but only time will tell if they're legit or not. I picked Lesnar just because his win over lesnar= bigger than anything Carwin and Velasquez have done.
8/19/08 12:40:17AM
#1- Carwin. I think he is the best balanced and experienced of the three.

#2- Cain. He could possibly beat Carwin but I think he is better going down in weight class. This HW division will soon be full for max 265 fighters that have good cardio, BJJ, and striking that lower weight guys will have no advantage against.

#3- Lesnar. Potential but still very raw. I doubt he will ever be a technical striker but he sure can get power behind his punches. Has a future in this division but I still need to see how well he learns BJJ defense before I can rank him above either of these guys.\

I always have wanted to see Carwin vs Lesnar though. It would be Rock'em Sock'em Robots throwing deadly hooks at each others boulder sized heads for 15 minutes
8/19/08 9:14:45AM
Depends on what we are basing the rankings off of but if i had to rank them based on accomplishments so far:

1. Lesnar- He beat a guy i had in my top 10. Thats enough to put you ahead of everybody else.

2. Valsquez- Beat a guy i had in my top 20.

3. Carwain- Beat some guys i had ranked lower than that.

Its a rather easy choice for me
8/19/08 11:29:53AM
toss up between lesnar and cain probably. Lesnar has accomplished more in beating herring than either guy as people have said, but cain appears to be the more complete fighter right now. I don't know, I think that Lesnar might not be quite as good as cain all around but his wrestling and speed are so phenomenal that I think it almost makes up for the rest of his deficits.

That being said I don't really think that any of these guys would give Fedor any trouble whatsoever. They all have strong potential but let's be realistic here, Fedor has dominated just about everyone he's fought pretty severely and that includes several mature and experienced world champions with more skill and experience than any rising star.
8/19/08 1:39:54PM
1. Lesnar- the guy is very raw but he has more raw skill than anybody in the heavyweight division and the athleticism to put it together.

2. Velazauez- more polished than lesnar now but lesnar would be too big and strong for him, he hasn't shown a sub game yet.

3. Carwin- need to see more of him but looked great in his first fight, even if it was against christian wellisch.
8/19/08 4:49:50PM
8/19/08 9:32:57PM
Right now IMHO its NO CONTEST Cain-Carwin-Lesnar....

1. Cain-He is the youngest, the best wrestler...yeah brock included, and has great KO power as we've seen.

2. Carwin-Most experienced, very very nice figher.....

3. Lesnar-No knocks on Brock except his cockiness. That might lose you a fight or two, and he is the least experienced. Good wrestler, real strong, and can throw fists.


Cain because I believe he is the best now, along with having the most potential...mostly because of his age....Carwin possibly the most well rounded out of all....Lesnar is great in his own right, and you cant go wrong with any of them!
8/20/08 10:45:23AM

Posted by 40ouncetofreedom

Velasquez #1 on your list then



that's how I see it
8/20/08 11:02:20AM
right now i think brock is the top of that heap, because all of them seem to have some dynamite in their hands ill go to the wrestling/grappling to make my pick. cain is a close second, but theres more i need to see before i can put him over a guy that beat HH. carwin looks the part and hits very hard, but i just havent seen enough of him yet to decide if hes the real deal or just a brawler that needs to land early to win. his total ring time(or lack thereof) is really impressive in his 9 fights though, and im hoping these three guys keep winning so the ufc HW division can get back some legitimacy.
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