Ranking the Lightweights is giving me heartburn...

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2/27/07 5:00:24PM
Seriously, what a wacky division.

I thought Sakurai looked great this past weekend, and Gomi... well... er...

I think a year from now the Lightweight ranking will have 5-6 UFC fighters on it, but I understand people who don't want to rank guys who have only one fight at 155-160, or at least not recently, as with B.J. Penn. I see that Penn is #6 on the aggregate rankings, which I would guess is the result of some people ranking him #1-#3 and some people not ranking him at all.

I see that one of the online rankings has Diaz #4, and doesn't rank Sherk at all. MADNESS!

Lots of people want to rank Yamamoto, not that I can blame them, but he usually fights at 145, doesn't he?

Ugh! Somebody pass me the TUMS!
2/27/07 5:13:22PM
they are kind of wacky, as long as B.J. is on it i'm happy.
2/27/07 8:13:05PM
in no order.


and the rest dont matter
cept maybe ribiero
2/27/07 11:00:38PM
It is a tough division to rank. You not only have to ask yourself if guys like Penn or now Diaz should be in there but you pretty much have to include Shaolin and Kid because neither PRIDE or the UFC has a featherweight division. Also, deciding whether to put Aoki as a LW is a hard decision since 160 is a hard weight for him to get to and he fights at 167 for Shooto.
2/28/07 8:57:41AM
I think it makes sense to Rank Kid Yamamoto at Lighweight polls. If you think about it the weights are 160\155 and under. So in a sense KID makes that class. But yeah it is hard to rank classes. Espically LW. Some guys havent competed in awhile. (BJ has fought at LW in forever, Kid is training for olympics).
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