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7/23/08 1:31:10AM
I see posts about individuals and their ranking, such as top 10 in each weight class. I was wondering what the Playground thought of the top 5 or 10 camps around the world. Thanks in advance for any and all replies.
7/23/08 3:06:18PM
Sounds like a good idea to me and seems feasible. You should contact one of the Mods through PM and offer your suggestion there, most topics are missed in the forums as they can't read every topic. Good idea.
7/23/08 4:57:03PM
Personally I don't think most MMA fans (including myself) could really make a reasonable ranking of fight camps. Why? Mostly because of the fact that a lot of camps would be judged on the success of one or two fighters. Also, some fighters cross train at different camps and it would be hard to classify them into a single camp. Fighters also change camps so how would you classify a fighter's career success? Would you base it off of all his camps or only certain ones?

All in all, there are enough controversies with individuals' picks and I think given the lack of most fans' knowledge on fight camps it wouldn't be a useful ranking.
7/23/08 7:41:22PM
I was just curious to see what people on the Playground thought. Just trying to start a thread that I thought people might have insight on. I didn't intend on wanting to put it on the Playground like we do with fighter rankings, just trying to spark up some conversation.
7/23/08 7:51:19PM
Without ranking them in any order, the following camps stand out to me:

Black House
Extreme Couture
American Top Team
Greg Jackson's camp (can't remember the name)
American Kickboxing Acadamy
Nova Uniao

It's pretty subjective though, as most of the top fighters now set up camps designed specifically for them.
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