Where do you rank Wandy?

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12/29/08 3:19:25PM
I understand he is a fan favorite and he is still one of my fave fighters, but why is he still ranked in the top 5? i dont even have him in the top 10 anymore, he has lost 4 of his last 5 fights, how can people still have him top 10?
12/29/08 3:33:14PM
people still have him there, cuz hes only lost to other (at the time) top 5 fighters....plus, he just got done destroying another top 10 fighter (jardine)....like i posted in earlier thread, his best days are behind him, but i still have him ranked 9/10 range....i wouldnt mind seeing him drop to 185 for a potential run....give him one more fight and see were he sits.....but boy oh boy, that was a hell of left from rampage!!!
12/29/08 3:39:31PM
I have him ranked at #10, right behind Chuck Liddell. Like wiggum said, his best days are behind him, but I still see him recouping to take another shot at the top, possibly even at 185. Silva vs. Silva would be a fight to see.
12/29/08 3:49:59PM
I realize that his defeats have been to other top 10 fighters, but its still 4 defeats in 5. I still think he is a top fighter but top 5? c'mon, No way.
It makes the division seem weak, with a guy like that in the top 5, dont you think?
12/29/08 4:15:23PM
I have him at # 8 or 9
12/29/08 4:43:20PM
I have him at #9, basically I think he will destroy anyone who isn't a legit top 10 worldwide, watch him own if they give him lesser competition. I think he has done too much to be droped as of yet.
12/29/08 5:48:10PM
No offense, but this is why I don't look at rankings. It's all individual, and I dont' make out mine on this site. In suched a stacked division that to have him in the top 5 is a bit much, but he's still done so much (and offers so much against most of the div) that I agree he has to stay bottom of the top 10.
12/29/08 5:53:39PM
Right now I have him 6th. Not sure if thats right but I can't rank Jardine any higher than 7th, and I can't rank Wandy any worse than him.
12/29/08 6:26:47PM
name 10 fighters that you think can truly beat wandy..

betchya cant
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